Clostridium tetani Tetanus Toxoid (DAG2692)

Clostridium tetani Tetanus Toxoid, natural protein from C. tetani

Product Overview
Tetanus Toxoid Antigen is highly purified Tetanus Toxin from Clostridium tetani, which following the purification process has been detoxified by formaldehyde.
2-8°C short term, -20°C long term
Tetanus toxoid is derived from the toxin released by Clostridium Tetanis that causes the disease tetanus. It is used as a vaccine to prevent tetanus or to help boost the immune response to other vaccines. A toxoid is a substance that has been treated to destroy its toxic properties but that retains the capacity to stimulate production of antitoxins, used in immunization. Tetanus toxoid is produced by formaldehyde inactivation of pure neuro toxin. Each lot is verified to be non toxic. In addition to being a potent antigen, tetanus toxoid is a useful carrier protein for making polysaccharides and haptens immunogenic.
Antigen Description
Tetanus toxin is an extremely potent neurotoxin produced by the vegetative cell of Clostridium tetani in anaerobic conditions, causing tetanus. It has no known function for clostridia in the soil environment where they are normally encountered. It is also called spasmogenic toxin, tetanospasmin or abbreviated to TeTx or TeNT. The LD50 of this toxin has been measured to be approximately 1 ng/kg, making it second only to Botulinum toxin D as the deadliest toxin in the world. However, these tests are conducted solely on mice which may react differently to certain toxins than humans and other animals.
Tetanus Toxoid; Clostridium tetani toxoid; Tentoxylysin; Tetanus toxin; tetX; Clostridium tetani Tetanus Toxoid protein; C. tetani Tetanus Toxoid protein


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