Tandem Affinity Purification (TAP) / MS

Tandem affinity purification (TAP) method is a tool that allows rapid purification protein complex under native conditions, even when expressed at their natural level. The method involves the fusion of the TAP tag to the protein and two-step affinity purification process. An advantage of this method is that there can be real determination of protein partners quantitatively in vivo without prior knowledge of complex composition. Its simplicity, high yield, and wide applicability make it a very useful procedure for protein purification and proteome exploration.

For tandem affinity purification service provided by Creative Diagnostics, only the information of the interested protein and the specific cell line is needed. Our scientists can help you to create fusion protein with a designed tag, and perform purification to reduce the amount of non-specific binding. This service can also be used in combination with mass spectrometry service in a large-scale approach to systematically analyze the proteomics.

Detection Options:

  1. 1D/2D Electrophoresis - determination the molecular weight and isoelectric point of immunoprecipitated proteins
  2. 2D Blue Native / SDS-PAGE - analysis of the subunits of membrane protein complexes
  3. Western Blot analysis - detection of specific proteins in immunoprecipitated sample
  4. Shotgun proteomics - identification and quantification of peptides from digested proteins using tandem mass spectrometry
  5. LC-MS-MS – separation, identification and quantification substances in immunoprecipitated mixtures

Welcome to discuss your tandem affinity purification experiment with our expert team. We will help you to develop the optimal tandem affinity purification procedure to reach the best results.

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