Technical Platform

Magic Hybridoma™ Platform

Our Magic-Hybridoma™ Platform allows generation of 50-200 mouse hybridoma clones per hybridoma cell fusion step. This platform is developed based on a novel immunization adjuvant, Magic Mouse Adjuvant, which enables generation of a large number of hybridoma clones using even a trace amount of immunogen for most antigens.

It can be difficult to obtain highly-specific and highly sensitive antibodies that recognize the antigen in its native conformation, e.g. antibodies used in diagnostics assays and those for therapeutic purposes of conformational diseases, even in cases that immunogen is well designed to mimic the conformation of the antigen, unless there are a large number of candidate antibody clones to be screened. In particularly, identifying an antibody with therapeutic potential requires, firstly, production of hundreds of binding antibodies, and then binders with desired biological functions can be further isolated. Magic-Hybridoma™ Platform represents a revolutionary method to produce a large number of monoclonal antibodies for each target.

Among all research adjuvants and vaccine adjuvants available on the market, Magic Mouse Adjuvant by far is the most efficient mouse adjuvant for all types of immunogens tested, in terms of its rapidness in raising antibody responses and the large number of hybridoma clones it can produce. Our experts frequently obtain over 50-200 hybridoma clones per fusion, providing a solid basis to isolate functional antibodies.

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