Neuroscience Antibodies

Neuroscience, or brain science, is a multidisciplinary, multi-level science that combines physiology, anatomy, molecular biology, developmental biology, cytology, computer science and mathematical modeling to understand the properties and changes of neurons and neural circuits.

The purpose of neuroscience research is to understand the molecular, cellular, and intercellular processes in the nervous system and the integration of these processes within the central functional control system. The complexity of the nervous system makes the intensive study of neuroscience extremely difficult. The renewal and development of technical means is of particular importance.

In neuroscience research, antibodies are major tools to clarify the process and mechanism which take place during neural development and related disease. The key to neuroscience research is the identification of cellular, molecular and tissue features that can be used as biomarkers to help identify patients at risk for neurological disease and as targets for new therapies.

Creative Diagnostics offers comprehensive antibody products for neuroscience research, which cover neural development, stem cells proliferation and differentiation, neurodegenerative disease, neural transmission and so on. All of antibody products are well-validated with abundant quality control data in comprehensive applications, including WB, IHC, IF, and ELISA.

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