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Peptide Immunogen Phage Display Platform

Peptide Immunogen Phage Display Platform is developed to produce monoclonal antibodies against peptide immunogens with extremely high efficiency. This platform is based on our unparalleled expertise in phage display technology, in which the cDNA encoding a peptide is fused with the pVIII gene of a filamentous M13 phage. The peptide is expressed and displayed on the surface of filamentous phage at over 200 copies per phage particle. The displayed peptide together with the carrier phage virions (one of the best immunization adjuvants) is used for animal immunization. This platform supports antibody production in mice, rats, rabbits, chicken, sheep and llama. For monoclonal antibody production, antibody clones that are specific for the peptide but not the phage particles are then selected for further characterization.

Compared with conventional peptide-conjugation based methods, our peptide structure is close-to-nature through bacterially expression, process and display on phage surface, thus increasing the chance to raise specific antibodies against the original antigen, from which the peptide immunogen is derived. Also, there are over 200 copies of the peptide on each phage virion, far beyond the number of peptide on each molecule in a peptide-conjugation based method. Importantly, the carrier phage is much powerful in raising antibody response than with carrier protein such as OVA, KLH and BSA.

Used in combination with our unique Magic™ Mouse Adjuvant, this platform allows generation of hundreds of mouse hybridoma clones against a peptide immunogen with a single hybridoma fusion step, providing a large pool of candidate antibodies for further selection of diagnostic or therapeutic antibody leads.

Peptide Immunogen Phage Display Platform is also the most cost-effective technology in discovering peptide vaccines, a subunit of vaccines that utilizes a peptide sequence selected from the original pathogen to immunize an organism. The key challenge in developing an successful peptide vaccine is to determine the most efficient peptide sequence range from the pathogen. Our Peptide Immunogen Phage Display Platform allows determination of the most promising vaccine peptides by phage-displaying a peptide library and then identifying the ideal peptides that recognized by anti-sera.

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