Membrane Protein Antibody Production

GPCRs represent a group of promising targets in science research and immune therapy. Unfortunately, they are multispan membrane proteins that are extremely difficult to generate antibodies using conventional approaches. The barriers are as followed.

1. Impossible to obtain a structurally intact protein as antigen;
2. Inaccessible to fold the discontinuous segments correctly;
3. Insufficient to elicit an immune response for a low level abundance.

Creative Diagnostics has developed proprietary methodologies MPATTM including conventional and novel approaches to solve these problems faced when generating antibodies against membrane proteins such as GPCRs. At least four feasible ways (Fig.1) access to you right now according to the structural property of membrane proteins. Our antibody platform also enables us to screen functional antibodies of membrane protein targets in vivo.

Antibody Development against Membrane Protein

Fig.1 Approaches for membrane protein antibody generation. A: intact membrane protein; B: extracellular peptide as antigen; C: mimic of extracellular peptide; D: cell-based immunization; E: DNA immunization with special adjuvant.

While simple in theory, successful execution of this platform requires overall consideration and careful optimization according to specific membrane proteins. In fact, our platform is compatible with well-established antibody generation approaches such as cell fusion & screen.

Whatever membrane proteins you desired for antibody generation, just inform us and in most cases we can accommodate your request.

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