Custom Antibody Development

Creative Diagnostics offers a comprehensive menu of Custom Antibody Development Services for research, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

We have extensive experience in developing highly specificdiagnostic antibodies used in Sandwich ELISA kits, Competitive ELISA kits and Colloidal gold immuno-chromatography strips. We are able to make antibodies that recognize not only peptide or recombinant protein immunogens, but also the corresponding target antigens in their native conformation. In particular, we are one of the top companies that can raise antibodies targeting transmembrane proteins and small chemical molecules. In addition, we are professional in developing IHC antibodies.

Of note, our proprietary immunization adjuvant allows us to produce high affinity polyclonal mouse antibodies in 21 days and monoclonal antibodies in 70 days.

Creative Diagnostics can provide following services:

Custom Antibody Development Monoclonal Antibody Production
Rat Monoclonal Antibody Development
Hamster Monoclonal Antibody Production
Custom Chicken IgY Antibody Production
Polyclonal Antibody Production
Antibody Development against Membrane Protein
Anti-Hapten Antibody Development Service
Custom Phospho Antibody Production
Antibody Production through DNA Immunization / Genetic Immunization
Production of Anti-idiotype Antibody
Production of Monoclonal Rabbit Antibody

Creative Diagnostics will make every effort to provide the customer with this custom service in the shortest possible time. The success of the project is dependent upon the material used, supplied by either the customer or by our supplier. All clones, cell lines, antibodies and other material which are the products of this project shall become the exclusive property of the client at the conclusion of the project. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.

Please contact us for a quotation of your customized monoclonal development project.

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