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Magic™ Hybridoma Growth Factor


Magic™ hybridoma growth factor is a special supplement which can successfully increase the cloning efficiency and raise the survival rate of hybridoma cell when added in the hybridoma culturing medium with no negative effect to hybridoma cells. It is a perfect replacement of feeding cells in the production of rat and mouse monoclonal antibodies, for example, fusion, subcloning and cell screening.

Key Characteristics

• Increase cloning efficiency and cell survival rate
• No negative effect to hybridoma cell.
• Completely replace the feeding cells, avoid pollution, and reduce work step.
• Culturing hybridoma cells with better antibody secretion and production, No biological components, no L-glutamine.
• Defined chemical component and defined concentration. Facilitate the establishment of hybridoma production SOP.

Order Information

Cat. No. Product Name Description Price
CDN-SF1 Magic™ Hybridoma Growth Factor 1 bottle
For 1 L culture medium dilution

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