Immunoprecipitation, IP

Immunoprecipitation (IP) is an assay used to purify an antigen from a sample mixture or remove antigens from a complex mixture. For this purpose, purified specific antibody is covalently immobilized to beaded agarose or other affinity support by any one of several efficient conjugation chemistries for preparing an antibody affinity column.

Immunoprecipitation, IP

Creative Diagnostics can provide following services:

  1. Sample preparation - lysis and quantitation
  2. Antibody conjugation - polyclonal or monoclonal antibody conjugation to a solid matrix
  3. Mild and irreversible coupling - which will retain biological activity of antibodies and allow their proper orientation
  4. Purification - the resulting antigen/protein preparation tends to have lower background levels and lower non-specific binding rates
  5. Report - provide WB picture and the experiment data

Creative Diagnostics provides professional immunology experiment technical service with experienced technicians and perfect equipment. We provide customers with reliable, high-quality experimental data and the complete test report.

Welcome to discuss your IP experiment options with our expert team. We will help you to develop the optimal procedure to reach the best balance between yield, purity and the cost.

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