Antibody Purification Services

Creative Diagnostics staff scientists have extensive antibody purification experience. We have developed robust proprietary purification procedures for antibodies from serum, ascites fluid, yolks and culture supernatants for use in early discovery research, preclinical trials and in vitro medical devices. All purified antibodies can be analyzed by electrophoresis, ELISA, western blot and HPLC to determine purity and integrity. Corresponding test data will be provided to the customer.

Available antibody purification services and methods include:

Antigen/Antibody Affinity Purification

Antigen/Antibody affinity can be used to obtain extremely pure specific antibodies from complex samples. Due to the highly specific purification process, the resulting antibody preparation tends to have lower background levels and lower non-specific binding rates. Our scientists have generated various affinity columns, like target-specific peptides, recombinant proteins and antibody-based column, and employed several key procedures to provide the best possible affinity-purified antibodies.

antibody purification

Protein A and Protein G Affinity Chromatography

Protein A and Protein G are the most common choices for antibody purification due to their ability to bind the constant (Fc) region of IgG from various species. Since Protein A and Protein G have differing binding efficiencies for IgG from different species, it is important to check this before deciding which method to use. Protein A/G, a recombinant fusion protein that combines IgG binding domains of both Protein A and Protein G, has the additive properties of Protein A and G.

Mouse ascites fluid Protein G
Rat ascites fluid Protein G
Mouse bioreactor tissue culture supernatant Protein G
Rabbit monoclonal Protein G
Raw rabbit serum Protein A
Raw goat or sheep sera Protein A

Protein L Affinity Chromatography

Protein L binds antibodies through kappa light chain interactions. Protein L binds a wider range of antibody classes than Protein A or G, including ScFv and Fab fragments. Protein L is extremely useful for purification of antibodies from culture supernatant because it does not bind bovine immunoglobulins, which are often present in the media as a serum supplement. Also, Protein L does not interfere with the antigen-binding site of the antibody, making it useful for immunoprecipitation assays, even using IgM.

IgY Purification from Egg Yolk

Chickens produce unique antibodies called IgY. Our team has developed multi-step purification, concerning PEG precipitation, ion exchange and Antigen/ Protein L affinity chromatography, to purify and enrich specific IgY antibodies from chicken egg yolk. Typically, we need to test the starting material by ELSIA assay and run SDS-PAGE to analysis the final purified antibodies. Find More About Our Chicken IgY Antibody Production Services >>

Aseptic/Low Endotoxin Purification

Creative Diagnostics understand that each customer has unique requirements for their project. That's why we are completely flexible with custom purification for list antibody products. We can custom provide 0.2 micron sterile-filtered, Low Endotoxin and Azide-Free antibodies for in vivo and in vitro assays. We are here to meet your needs. Read More>>

Additional Service:

We also offer following services, which could be utilized dependently or independently, to support our customs’ antibody purification program.

  • HPLC purification
  • Size Exclusion/ Gel Filtration Chromatography
  • Ion Exchange
  • Hydrophobic Interaction
Antibody Purification Services

How it Works:

Working with Creative Diagnostics on antibody purification is easy: simply let us know some basic information, including:

  • Type of purification wanted
  • Protein being purified (ex: size, storage temperature, pH, toxicity)

One of our specialists will be in touch to confirm all of the information. Once the quote is approved, simply send in the protein to our laboratory or use our listed antibody products and within 2-3 weeks, the purified antibody will be sent to your lab.

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