Polyclonal Antibody Production

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As a professional producer in this field, Creative Diagnostics provides customers with the most competitive products and the most thoughtful services across the world. Low cost of the antibody production is our priority advantage. We have been committed to advancing technologies and streamlining management. Another factor makes us special is that we are capable of meeting the specific needs and requirements of customers. Horizontal and vertical cooperation established with different parties enables us to successfully accomplish whatever you are expecting in the most efficient way.

We are specialized in the following aspects:

» Bulk quantity polyclonal antibody production projects.
» The most complete collection of hosts eg. Mouse, rat, goat, rabbit, chicken, sheep, donkey, Guinea pig, Llama, Camel, horse, dogs, bovine, pig and primates.
» Custom phospho-specific polyclonal antibody service.
» A portfolio of purified immunoglobulin eg. Protein A, Protein G, ammonium sulfate and peptide affinity purification.
» Polyclonal packages: 28-days, 70-days and tailored ones.

What makes us special?

  1. We have our own farm and are working with a team of skilled veterinarians and technicians in a modern specific pathogen free animal facility, we propose a complete palette of polyclonal antibody production options.
  2. We use New Zealand White females rabbits, bred on our farm and adult laying leghorn chickens, Boer goats, and sheep. All of our animals are cared for by qualified personnel to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality service.
  3. 28-day fastest polyclonal antibody program and classical polyclonal antibody programs. Customized and flexible projects to meet your requirements.
  4. Polyclonal Antibody Production
  5. You will be in contact directly with a project manager who will tell you how your project is going and give you updates with everything, for we actually are the manufacturer.
  6. Our exclusive adjuvant used for 28-Day Speedy polyclonal antibody to make access to the fastest way to obtain high quality polyclonal antibodies.(This service is available for mouse, rat, Guinea pig, rabbit, goat and sheep)

One-stop solution will streamline the project as much as possible.
Immunogen Preparation Animal Immunization Antibody Development Antibody Production Product Evaluation.

Extended services:

  1. Peptide Synthesis
  2. Protein Conjugation, such as KLH, VOA, BSA
  3. Elisa Screening
  4. Serum Purification
  5. Antibody Labeling
  6. Antigen Expression and Purification with MPATTM Platform
  7. Fab or F(ab')2 Fragments Production

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