Colloidal Gold Lateral Flow Strips Development

Creative Diagnostics offers extensive experience in the development of rapid, point-of-care, lateral-flow-format diagnostic assays. We can fully develop immunoassay test (or optimize an existing assay) according to your specifications. Once developed, we will ship the components to you, and all products associated with the project shall become the exclusive property of yours at the conclusion of the project. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.

Immunochromatography strip test, or namely lateral flow test, is a simple device intended to detect the presence or absence of the target analyte. Lateral flow test can operate as either competitive or sandwich assays. It’s a form of immunoassay in which the test sample flow along the PVDF membrane via capillary action.

Advantages of lateral flow tests

  • Simple to use, requires no highly technical personnel
  • One-step assay, no wash steps, short time to result in 5-10 minute
  • Portable, suitable for field testing
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Requires only a low sample volume and little or no samples/reagents preparations
  • Possibility of multiplexing
  • Low cost
  • High potential for commercialization
Lateral Flow Tests


  • + Medical diagnostics
  • + Veterinary
  • + Military
  • + Pharmaceuticals
  • + Environmental
  • + Agriculture
  • + Food safety
  • + Blood banking

Sample Matrices

  • + Whole blood, serum or plasma
  • + Urine
  • + Saliva
  • + Other bodily fluids
  • + Milk
  • + Fuel
  • + Food
  • + Culture Media

Labeling Technologies

  • + Gold nanoparticles
  • + Latex
  • + Quantum dots
  • + Paramagnetic
  • + Florescence


As part of our full service solution, we have expertise in:

Colloidal Gold Lateral Flow Strips Development
  • Sample preparation – including blood separation and experience in using analytes at various concentration
  • Antibody/antigen selection
  • Detector label selection – including gold, latex, paramagnetic and fluorescent particles
  • Numerous immunoassay techniques – such as sandwich, competitive and inhibition assays
  • Nitrocellulose membrane selection
  • Sample pad selection
  • Test strip architecture and chemistry
  • Reader solutions – improvements in reagents, component materials, and reader technologies along with manufacturing processes mean quantitative results are achievable.

Whether you require the complete outsourced service or just an initial feasibility analysis, we can provide customized development packages to accommodate most sample matrices, applications or budget. For customers looking for complete ‘turnkey’ assay development, a typical program will take from 10 to 14 months (assay specific), and follows our robust approach:

A Typical Project Plan

A Typical Project Plan

Advantages of our custom colloidal gold lateral flow strips development services

  • Full consultation is the key to a successful project. Each project is developed to exact requirements - no off-the shelf, one-size fits all packages.
  • We can manufacture high quality 40nm as well as 30 nm or 60 nm gold colloids depending on the design and application of your lateral flow test. (The quality of gold nanoparticles can have profound effects on the specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility of lateral flow assays. 40 nm gold nanoparticles are the most popular choice for lateral flow assays due to an optimal combination of high contrast color (absorption ~523 nm) and surface area for effective and efficient analyte testing.)
  • We make gold-antibody conjugates for minimum aggregation and best activity through optimizing parameters, methodology, conditions and so on. Expertise is required in conjugating antibodies to colloidal gold, and in assessing which components of the lateral flow strip (such as conjugate release pads and nitrocellulose membranes) are most suitable for a particular assay. These are steps that rely as much on experience as on technical ability.
  • The target could be small molecule. Small molecule design is our featured service; we have rich experience in developing small molecule antibodies and lateral flow strip products.
  • Perfect supply chain and strict quality controls designed to minimize lot-to-lot differences, ensure high sensitivity and provide complete quality documentation.

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