The ImmunoFISH technique, combined conventional double immunofluorescence with a standard FISH technique, provides a unique opportunity to complement molecular and biochemical analyses by assessing specific interactions/associations of nucleic acid sequences and proteins in individual cells. The major challenge is, on the one hand to preserve the epitope detected by the antibody as well as the 3D architecture of the nucleus, and on the other hand, to allow the penetration of the DNA/RNA probe to detect gene loci or chromosome territories.

Creative Diagnostics offers well-established procedure for simultaneous detection of protein modifications by immunofluorescence and nucleic acid sequences by DNA/RNA FISH. Our experience in this field has enabled us to offer a full line of customized immune-FISH service.

Furthermore, we have developed a technical platform to generate mAbs that could be used specifically with stand DNA/RNA FISH, which allows the end user to quantify not only the number of nucleic acid molecules per cell (and location), but also quantify the amount of the target protein.

GAF antibody (green), FISH (red), DAPI for DNA (blue) and the merge of the three are shown

Our modified ImmunoFISH technique is easy to perform and to analyze, requiring a short time to learn. Comprehensive consultation from our experienced staff is also available upon request. We are eager to learn of our customers' specific ImmunoFISH requirement and to facilitate their research and product development.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our service.

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