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Loading Control Antibodies
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Isotype Control Antibodies
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Loading control antibodies

Loading controls are frequently chosen from the proteins which are expressed by the ‘housekeeper genes’. These controls help normalize the levels of protein of interest by confirming that the total protein loading is the same across the gel. The expression levels of the loading control should be constant between the different sample lanes. It is also important that the protein chosen as a loading control should have a different molecular weight compared to the protein of interest, to avoid overlapping staining and interference to the result.

Creative Diagnostics offers highly specific antibodies to the most common targets: α- and β-Tubulin, COX IV, GAPDH, β-Actin, Histone H3.

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Isotype control antibodies

Isotype control antibodies are antibodies which have the same isotype as primary antibodies but with no relevant specificity to the target antigen. They are usually used as negative controls in the experiment especially flow cytometry and tissue staining. Non-specific signaling can arise both from interaction with off-target proteins, endogenous Fc receptor binding, or isotype-specific background. Choosing the correct isotype control reduces background effects and allows interpretation of your true signal.

Creative Diagnostics offers a complete range of isotype control antibodies. Please select purified antibodies according to the host species, isotype of your primary antibody, and choose your desired conjugation format .

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