Repetitive Immunizations Multiple Sites (RIMMS) Services

Affinity matured murine monoclonal antibody producing cell lines can be rapidly generated using repetitive, multiple site immunization strategy designated RIMMS. RIMMS capitalizes on rapid hypermutation and affinity maturation events which occur in B cell populations localized within secondary lymphatic tissue early in response to antigenic challenges. Along with using less antigen, this approach allows the investigator to obtain hybridomas rapidly.

The immunization sites used for RIMMS are proximal to easily accessible regional lymph nodes. RIMMS capitalizes on somatic fusion of immune B cells undergoing germinal center maturation in draining lymph nodes. Fusions can be performed as early as 7 days out to 14 days after the onset of immunization. Thus, RIMMS can be used to generate affinity matured murine hybridomas cell lines within one month period.

Repetitive Immunizations Multiple Sites (RIMMS) Services

Creative Diagnostics have explored the feasibility of modifying immunization and fusion timelines used for developing monoclonal antibodies using RIMMS. We offer a full line of RIMMS services, including immunizations, somatic fusion, screening, and isolation of affinity-matured IgG-secreting hybridoma cell lines.

By using RIMMS, we have been able to expedite the isolation of affinity matured monoclonal antibodies to numerous antigens, including recombinant protein, conjugated synthetic peptides, and drug haptens. Our RIMMS service could be completed within one month, and it is an ideal choice if you want to make more diverse repertoire of antibodies or antibodies directed against conformational epitopes quickly.

Key Features of Services:

• Require small quantities of antigen and fewer animals
• Several different antigens could be developed (synthetic peptides, recombinant proteins, cellular extracts, conjugated compounds, DNA-based immunizations)
• Produce affinity matured antibodies quickly (polyclonal and monoclonal)

Creative Diagnostics develops custom antibodies that work in your hands and in the end applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any free consultation and a detailed quotation of your project.

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