Biological Service

biological testing services

Biological Service

With an extensive versatile technical platform, coupled to over 500 m2 of independent laboratory space equipped and maintained to the highest standard, CD is at your disposal to aid your research projects and optimize your research programs.

Platform for preparation of biological samples

  • From biopsies, body fluids, cells etc
  • Preparation of PBMC, CBMC, TAM, ATM, NSC, MSC
  • Selection of cell subpopulations by sorting
  • Sample processing (extraction and purification of RNA, DNA, controls)
  • Quality control

Immunological analysis

  • Evaluation of immune responses by ELISA: Determination of markers in blood, serum, plasma, or culture supernatants
  • Titration by ELISA
  • Analysis of cell subpopulations by flow cytometry
  • Protein analysis including Western-blotting, IP, Co-IP, GST pull-down, ChIP-seq, EMSA, MS etc…
  • Quality control of antibodies by HPLC (SEC)

Cell test

  • Monitoring of cell proliferation in response to growth factors, cytokines or mitogens
  • Study of cell growth inhibition in response to antibodies or inhibitory mediators
  • Tests of cellular cytotoxicity
  • Tests of cell apoptosis status

The expertise of our multidisciplinary team and the quality of our services will definitely reduce your cost of functioning and save your invaluable time!

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