Technical Platform

Omni-Hybridoma™ Platform

Welcome to our Omni-Hybridoma™ Platform, in which newly fused hybridoma cells are subcloned, grown and selected using an agarose-based semi-solid medium containing growth factors, B-cell stimulators and medium supplements optimized for the reproduction of single hybridoma cells. This revolutionary platform ensures a large number of hybridoma clones to be selected after each cell fusion process.

In traditional hybridoma plating methods, multiple rounds of limited dilutions are required to obtain monoclonal hybridoma clones. A major defect of this method is that some hybridoma clones overgrow others prior to cloning. Often, these faster growing cell lines fail to synthesize antibodies of interest. Also, it is extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming to obtain a single-cell derived hybridoma clone by performing multiple rounds of limited dilutions, thus making it difficult to isolate a large number of hybridoma clones from each cell fusion.

The Omni-Hybridoma™ Platform is designed to select hybridoma cell clones immediately after fusion. It eliminates the possibility of losing potentially valuable but slow-growing clones as the case in traditional method. Through this platform, we make sure the hybridoma colonies are clonal from the very beginning; the number of clones to be tested for the secretion of a specific antibody is minimized because all daughter cells come from the same colony. Most importantly, since HAT selection and cloning of hybridomas are performed simultaneously in a single step, large numbers of hybridomas will be obtained in the end. In fact, more than 1,500 hybridoma clones can be single-cells cloned in ten 15cm dishes after a single fusion, thus significantly increasing the number of candidate hybridoma clones for the following specificity selection against the target immunogen.

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