World Top Magazines of Biology —-Cell and Science


There is no doubt that Nature, Cell and Science are the world top magazines of biology. The brief introduction and SCI of Nature has been presented in last blog to analyse the reason why they are the top. This blog continues to analyse other two top magazines of biology—--Cell and Science.



Cell, created in 1974, specialize in biology and it is ancell English journal. As a scientific journal of peer review, Cell mainly publishes newest research results in life science. It is also regarded as one of the most authoritative academic magazines in the world for numerous research developments of life science has been published by Cell. In addition, Cell has same reputation as Nature and Science.
Cell is published by Cell Press of Elsevier and Cell Press has published a series of magazines of cell since the end of 20th century. For example, Molecular Cell are created in 1997 and specialize in cytobiology and molecular biology. Then Developmental Cell,Cancer Cell,Cell Metabolism,Cell Host & Microbe and Cell Stem Cell was successively published after 2000.


It is known that IF(Impact Factor) is an important tool to evaluate a scientific magazine. As an authoritative magazine, Cell also have high IF. In past 4 years, the IFs of Cell were all above 30. In 2010, the IF(32.401) of Cell was higher than Science’s(31.364). So Cell is also the one of the dream places where scientists want to submit an article.



Science, published by AAAS(American Associationscience for the Advancement of Science), is one of the most authoritative magazines of academy. This magazine aims to publish the original scientific studies and reviews of scientific researches. In addition, Science also release the news about science, opinions of policy of science and technology and some issues that scientists are interested in. Unlike other scientific magazines, Cell does not focus on one specific area. It is same as Nature. Thus content of Science and Nature almost cover all scientific subjects.


According to the statistics, The IF of Science is also high. In past 4 years, the IF stayed above 30. In 2014, the IF of Science(33.611) was higher than Cell’s(32.242). It is anticipated that the IF of Science in 2015 will beyond 35.
Although Science is the AAAS’ journal, it doesn’t mean that submission requires AAAS’ memberships. Competition of submission is fairly fierce because every scientists knows the benefits of successful submission in such high citation magazine.

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