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World Top Magazines of Biology ——–Nature

When talking about top magazines of biology, most people will think of Nature, Science, Cell and so on. There is no doubt that the listed magazines are world top magazines of biology and they also have stable ranks in top magazines. But why are these magazines regarded as top magazines? This blog will list brief introduction and SCI of these three magazines to answer this question.



Nature, created in 1869 in United Kingdom, is one of the most authoritative and Nature_meitu_1prestigious academic magazines. It publishes the papers of first-hand research of various scientific areas even though many magazines of science specialize in one specific area now. Every year, the most important and newest research results will be published as short essays in Nature. Its primary readers are scientists who are engaged in scientific research, but the front section of this magazine also provide ordinary people with outlines to strengthen their understanding of some vital articles. Editorials, news and reports in beginning part are scientists’ focused issues, including research development, the situation of the sponsorship and scientific morality.
Obviously, It is a great honor of a scientist to have a successful submission in Nature for its articles  are always quoted by others. Once having a successful submission, one can not only get promotion and sponsorship, he also can get a wide range of attention and supports from mainstream medias.


SCI, Science Citation Index, is one of the most famous systems of science paper retrieval and is regarded as the main tool of making scientific statistics and scientific evaluation. It apply to agriculture, biology, chemistry and so on. The evaluation standard is IF(Impact Factor). The IF can reflect the influence and status of a magazine.
There are some statistics showing the authority of Nature. The IF of some ordinary magazine and even some good magazines in Asia is under 5. However, in the past 10 years, the lowest IF of Nature is 26.681 in 2006 and the highest IF is 42.351 in 2013. Moreover, the IF of Nature stay above 30 in past 7 years.
The statistics show the apparent difference. Maybe that is the reason why many scientists try their best to have a submission even though rate of successful submission is very low.