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Keep Your Infection on Record

It is believed that most people have no idea about when and why they get viral infection. But now a new method to keeping their infection on record has been created. What is it? Antibodies involved in person’s bloodstream can present the record of infected viruses through a test. Thus the past sickness of a person can be founded. More important, the relationships between viruses and some disease can be researched and vaccines also can be produced.
The wonderful new method is on the road and it has sometest_meitu_1 barriers now. Although many immunologist hold a positive attitude to this new method, there are many doubts from some researchers. Whether these patients have a specific viral infection is a question for researchers. Because only one pathogen can be tested at a time through blood sample in most conditions. Generally, invaders are diagnosed by test through the antibodies and proteins produced by patients’ immunity. Now, some assays are able to find the trails of the antibody which can stay for decades after the infection.
The new test is conducted by some biological researchers for the hope that the test can display all the current and past infection in the blood. They first build a library which contains thousands of protein fragments and each of them have a virus part which can be recognized by antibodies. When do the test, researchers will add the protein to blood and antibodies and then researchers can part antibodies from fragments. Later, they can draw the conclusion that what kind of viruses the patients have been infected with and which antibodies their bodies have produced.
There is no doubt that this new method can help display more about researches of diseases for it can present a clear record of infection. Although it has many merits, it is new and it contains weakness. The conductor admit that this test may miss some tiny viruses and some excluded modifications. But those are only few parts and most parts have been detected. Some scientists suggested that it should be scaled up for the commercial use and they also hope tit won’t takes too much to do the test. Thus more patients can get benefits from it.
The test is developing, so focus on it.