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Tuberculin Test

Tuberculin test,a stool of Tuberculosis diagnosis, is one of two major methods to test Tuberculin and has replaced many kinds of puncture test such as tine test to a large extent. The United Kingdom used tine test until 2005 and  then changes to us Tuberculin test. In addition, Tuberculin test also have a place in Australia, Canada,Hungary,
Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa and the United States. It has been recommended to hospitals by both American Thoracic Society and United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Why need do this Tuberculin test?
There are mainly three reasons. Firstly, the test can provide BCG vaccination with evidence. When the result of the test is active, it means that the patient has been infected with TB and it is unnecessary to vaccinate BCG. If the result is negative, the patient needs vaccination. Moreover, it can offer the immune action more evidence. After 3 months of BCG vaccination, generally, it is advised to do the Tuberculin test to know that whether organism has produced immune action to the BCG. If it is active, the BCG vaccination succeed. On the contrary, if negative, it need another vaccination. Finally, it can be used in diagnosis and differential diagnosis. Tuberculin test plays a vital role in diagnosis and identification of tuberculosis of kids and the elderly. It is regarded as a widely used
auxiliary examination methods.
How it works?
The action of Tuberculin is delayed cellular hypersensitivity. This is the process: antigens enter the organism and sensitize immune T lymphocytes and T lymphocytes differentiate and produce a lot of new lymphocytes. When the sensitive organism are attacked by antigens again, the sensitive lymphocytes bind with the antigens and lead to
allergic inflammation. The presence is that the skin around inject site will produce Scleroma and Blister. If the result of Tuberculin test is active, it means that the organism has been infected with Tuberculin or it has got BCG vaccination. So these patients have some immunity to Tuberculin. But there are a few people with weak immunity will
be negative in the test or it will be negative because of technology problems. If PPD skin test are negative, in most situation, it means a failing vaccination.
In the end, the immune features of Tuberculosis can be concluded that immune action coexists contagion and