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Influenza vaccination: the effect of Micro needle patch is better than Injection

It is known that vaccination is an effective way to prevent from flu, so many people think it reliable. In past,most people get vaccination by injection. With the development of medicine, more ways of vaccination have been created. Micro needle patch is regarded as another effective way of vaccination.
A recent research shows that Micro needle vaccine patch is more effective to prevent from Influenza virus in mice comparing with subcutaneous injection or intramuscular injection. Some researchers have done a detailed analysis of early immune system, which can explain the reason why the micro needles can be used to vaccination in skin.
The following are the reasons.
First,skin contains a large number of antigens which form a cell net and these cells containing immune signals play a vital role in generating immune reaction.However, muscles’ immune cells are fair less than skin’s.
Second,killing live influenza virus through Microneedle injection can promote the increasing of local cytokines which is significant to the gathering of Neutrophils, Monocytes and Dendritic cells in vaccination parts.All of these cells will be helpful to activate the immune reaction to virus.
Third ,Microneedle patch is likely to lengthen the period of deposition of antigens and these antigens are reaction targets produced by antibody when meet virus.The long-term release of antigens allows the absorbing of more effective antigens.
In addition, researchers find that the activated, mature Dendritic cells which carry influenza antigens is moving in skin, which is also an important feature of activating adaptive immune response.
In spite of these biological theories, Microneedle patch have other benefits for incubators.For example, Microneedle patch of vaccination can provide a better protective response and it can help the high-risk individuals avoid related complications. Moreover, vaccination through Microneedle patch is painless and it can eliminate the potential risks that may be brought by needles.