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Comparison among Four methods to Test Syphilis—PRP,TPPA,ELISA,PCR

It is known that syphilis can be transmitted through blood, so it is significant to choose a method with high specificity and affinity to test syphilis when do the blood screening. This blog aims to do a comparison among PRP,TPPA,ELISA,PCR. The following are the analysis of the four methods to test syphilis in blood sample and the conclusion of the most fitting method to have a large-scale blood screening.

Analysis: first, the establishment of RPR,TPPA,PCR and ELISA promote the establishment of syphilis ELISA for automatic detection, RPR syphilis detection method of manual testing, syphilis TPPA and fluorescent quantitative PCR. The four methods work well. Second, one hundred and fifty blood samples are tested positive from thirty thousand volunteers through ELISA and the positive rate is 5%. Ninety blood samples are tested positive in thirty thousand volunteers through PRP and the positive rate is 3%. Then use the TPPA to test the total blood samples which has been tested positive in ELISA and PRP.
The total samples of two former two methods are two hundred pieces. Eighteen blood samples are tested positive by both ELISA and PRP and eighteen samples are positive though the test of TPPA. However, the thirty samples which are positive through RPR and are tested negative in ELISA are all tested negative in TPPA. Sixty samples are tested positive in ninety samples which are negative in RPR and are tested positive in ELISA. Finally,use fluorescent quantitative PCR to test the samples which are positive both in ELISA and PRP and the two blood samples are all negative.

Conclusion:there are statistical differences on positive rate when the thirty blood samples are tested through syphilis PRP and syphilis ELISA. Compared with the results of TPPA, PRP have both false positivity and false negativity but the the samples of ELISA just have false positivity. In addition, detection capability of syphilis ELISA of is stronger than RPR syphilis and it also be more fitting to blood screening. So in comparison of methodology and practical operation, PCR, TPPA and RPR are not fit for the large-scale blood screening and syphilis ELISA is the one which can be applied to a large-scale blood screening.