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Be Careful to Ochratoxin A

What is Ochratoxin A? It could be one of the most worried things for farmers. Ochratoxin A is produced by aspergillus and penicillium which grow in a variety of corps such as wheat , corn and beans. If fowls eaten the feed with Ochratoxin A, the liver and kidney of fowls would get damaged.If fowl get vast Ochratoxin A, which will leads to intestinal mucosal inflammation , necrosis and even malformation of these animals. Ochratoxin A is a kind of colorless crystalline compound and it can melt in organic solvent and dilute sodium bicarbonate solution. The melting point of benzene solvate is from 94 to 96 degree and the melting point of xylene crystallization is 169 degree.

Ochratoxin is a compound which is made by various aspergillus and penicillium and it
contains Ochratoxin A, Ochratoxin B, Ochratoxin C. The rank of Ochratoxin which is
evaluated by toxicity is OTA>OTC>OTB. It depends on the constant hydroxyl of eighth
ionization.Generally, OTB and OTC are found a little in the polluted feeds, which cause
little toxicity to animals. So farmers have to pay more attention to Ochratoxin A instead
of OTB and OTC. Ochratoxin A pose a threaten to both animals and human being. If people eaten the meat of toxic animals, they will get the Ochratoxin A. It can cause kidney toxicity , liver toxicity, cancer and Immunosuppression.

How it works? Ochratoxin can produce toxic Ochratoxin with high concentration at 4 degree. If a pig took 1ppm of Ochratoxin A, it will die in 5 to 6 days. The common pathological changes are renal tubular epithelial damage and necrosis of the intestinal lymph body. Other clinical symptoms are diarrhea , anorexia and dehydration. The following are the theory of pathological changes.

First, Ochratoxin A block the enzyme synthesis and protein synthesis of amino acid tRNA. So it reduces IgG,IgA and IgM and Ochratoxin A antibody titer is decreased. Second, it damages intestinal lymphoid tissues of animals, which decreases antibody production and affects humoral immunity. That is concerned with carcinogenic effects. Third, it causes lower phagocytic capacity, which would affect phagocytosis and cell-mediated immunity. Fourth, Ochratoxin A have a bad influence on evelopment and maturation of fetal tissues and organs through placenta.