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How to Detect Gastric Cancer in Early Stage

Gastrosis is the illnesses with very high prevalence rate in modern society. According to a survey, four-fifths people have Gastrosis with different degrees. Many people is suffering from gastric cancer and a certain number of patients do not diagnose their disease until it become the late stage. Actually, symptoms of gastric cancer in early stage is not that obvious. So it needs some diagnostics kits like stool test kit to help do the diagnosis of gastric cancer.

What is the general symptom of gastric cancer?
In most cases, there are no obvious symptom excestool_meitu_1pt for bleeding . It depends on the cancer’s features. First, it requires numerous blood supply for the cancer cells grow rapidly. Insufficient blood supply usually lead to the gastric ulcer and cell necrosis and it causes the bleeding. Second, the cancer cells expands to gastral cavity and gastric wall, which hinders gastric mucosa’s function of inhibiting gastric acid. When quantity of gastric acid damages the cancer tissue, the cancer tissue will rupture and bleed. Third, when carcinoma invades the bigger vessels, it will cause the angiorrhoxis. Thus it will cause bleed more than before and its presence is mostly haematemesis.

Apart from the Haematemesis ,the most common symptom of gastric cancer is that the patients’ stool contains blood.When the blood blows through intestinal, the blood becomes brown or black and it goes with stool. Its presence is tarry stool or melena. But if the blood is little, the color of tool will not have apparent changes. Thus a lot of people do not recognize that they had blood in their stool. If people fail to find the gastric cancer at early stage, they may lose the opportunity to curing when they find it at late stage.

To do a stool test of fecal occult blood(FOB) is an effective way to figure out the condition of stomach. The guaiac assays is a common method but the patient’s diet will have an effect on the accuracy. Some biologicall companies have launched new stool test kits which can detect the low level of the FOB in stool. In addition, the double antibody sandwich assay is also applied to the test.
So do the test as soon as possible if you have the symptoms or any suspection.