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Creative Diagnostics Announces the Launch of Its Redesigned Website

Release Date: May 20, 2015

Creative Diagnostics today announced the launch of the its redesigned website available for customer worldwide. The redesigned website provides customers with a simplified and more user-friendly experience.

“This redesign demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of service we provide,” said Creative Diagnostics’s Marketing Director, Archer Anderson. “ Throughout the past year, we have evaluated traffic on the website and listened to valuable feedback from users. We have been prepared for the redesign of our website for about one year, and today’s launch is the result of the contribution of our user and the hardworking of our IT department. We are confident the public will find an improved online experience.”

The redesigned website incorporates current best practices while introducing a new content management system that will improve functionality and allow for continued enhancements. Some of the improvements to the new website include better navigation menus, a more prominent search bar that helps customers accurately locate the products or services they are looking for, and a more online chat section to offer timely response to customers .

The home page also displays a more prominent rotating banner that highlights timely information, introduces alerts that provide important news and promotion update at-a-glance. There are also some small adjustments, such as change of character style, background color.

Creative Diagnostics first redesigned its website in September 2009, and this time is its fourth update of website.