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MBL; muscleblind; CG33197 gene product from transcript CG33197-RD; mm; muscleblind, isoform D; CG33197-PD; mbl-PD; chaste; mindmelt; muscleblind, isoform F; CG33197-PF; mbl-PF; muscleblind, isoform E; CG33197-PE; mbl-PE; muscleblind, isoform B; CG33197-PB; mbl-PB; muscleblind, isoform A; CG33197-PA; mbl-PA; muscleblind, isoform G; CG33197-PG; mbl-PG; muscleblind, isoform C; CG33197-PC; mbl-PC; CG10941; CG14477; CG33197; chst; cht; Dmel\CG33197; l(2)01038; l(2)k01212; l(2)k05507; n(2)k07110
Size: 96T
Species Reactivity: Mouse
Application: Quantitative
Detection Sample: Serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants, body fluid and tissue homogenate
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