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Miller, S., Rao, S., Wang, W., Liu, H., Wang, J., & Gavva, N. R. (2014). Antibodies to the Extracellular Pore Loop of TRPM8 Act as Antagonists of Channel Activation. PloS one, 9(9), e107151.

CABT-37242RH Anti-TRPM8 monoclonal antibody, clone FQS5207

Li, Genliang, et al. "H3K9ac involved in the decondensation of spermatozoal nuclei during spermatogenesis in Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis." Cytotechnology (2016): 1-13.

CABT-BL6114 Anti-Histone H3 (acetyl K9) polyclonal antibody

Wei, L., Wang, H., Yang, F., Ding, Q., & Zhao, J. (2016). Interleukin-17 potently increases non-small cell lung cancer growth. Molecular medicine reports, 13(2), 1673-1680.

DAGIC1336 Rat IgG1 Isotype Control

Wei, L., Wang, H., Yang, F., Ding, Q., & Zhao, J. (2016). Interleukin-17 potently increases non-small cell lung cancer growth. Molecular medicine reports, 13(2), 1673-1680.

DAGIC1433 Swine IgG Isotype Control

Patel, K., Scrimieri, F., Ghosh, S., Zhong, J., Kim, M. S., Ren, Y. R., ... & Kern, S. E. (2013). FAM190A deficiency creates a cell division defect. The American journal of pathology, 183(1), 296-303.

DCABH-200958 Anti-CCSER1 monoclonal antibody

Li, Genliang, et al. "H3K9ac involved in the decondensation of spermatozoal nuclei during spermatogenesis in Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis." Cytotechnology (2016): 1-13.

DCABH-50 Anti-HIST1H3A monoclonal antibody, clone IUB39

Golec, M., Lemieszek, M. K., Skórska, C., Sitkowska, J., Zwoliński, J., Mackiewicz, B., ... & Dutkiewicz, J. (2015). Cathelicidin related antimicrobial peptide, laminin, Toll-like receptors and chemokines levels in experimental hypersensitivity pneumonitis in mice. Pathologie Biologie, 63(3), 130-135.

DCABH-8886 Anti-TLR8 monoclonal antibody, clone 55D254 [PE]

Han, Y. J., Kwon, Y. J., Lee, K. H., Choi, E. J., & Choi, K. S. (2016). Experimental infection with non-cytopathic bovine viral diarrhea virus 1 in mice induces inflammatory cell infiltration in the spleen. Archives of Virology, 1-9.

DMAB28412 Anti-BVDV Monoclonal antibody

Feng, K. H., Gonzalez, G., Deng, L., Yu, H., Victor, L. T., Huang, L., ... & Holmes, E. C. (2015). Equine and canine influenza H3N8 viruses show minimal biological differences despite phylogenetic divergence. Journal of virology, 89(13), 6860-6873.

DMAB3813 Anti-IBV Nucleoprotein Monoclonal antibody, Clone C017

Ahn, Sun Hee, et al. "NOX1/2 activation in human gingival fibroblasts by Fusobacterium nucleatum." Archives of microbiology 198.6 (2016): 573-583.

DMAB9447 Anti-P. gingivalis Monoclonal antibody

Springer, M. J., Ni, Y., Finger-Baker, I., Ball, J. P., Hahn, J., DiMarco, A. V., ... & Cobb, R. R. (2016). Preclinical dose-ranging studies of a novel dry powder norovirus vaccine formulation. Vaccine, 34(12), 1452-1458.

DMABT-51917MP Anti-PigIgA monoclonal antibody, clone DEB3-53

Steiner, L. A., Schulz, V., Makismova, Y., Lezon-Geyda, K., & Gallagher, P. G. (2016). CTCF and Cohesin SA-1 Mark Active Promoters and Boundaries of Repressive Chromatin Domains in Primary Human Erythroid Cells. PloS one,11(5), e0155378.

DMABT-H19813 Anti-CTCF monoclonal antibody

Patrone, M., Coroadinha, A. S., Teixeira, A. P., & Alves, P. M. (2016). Palmitoylation Strengthens Cholesterol-dependent Multimerization and Fusion Activity of Human Cytomegalovirus Glycoprotein B (gB). Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291(9), 4711-4722.

DMABT-Z59274 Anti-Biotin monoclonal antibody, clone DVP.6

Tsoi, T. H., & Wong, W. T. (2015). A simple, highly sensitive, high throughput and organic solvent-free screening method for melamine by microsphere-based flow cytometry immunoassay. Analytical Methods, 7(14), 5989-5995.

HMABPY096 RHA™ anti-Melamine monoclonal antibody, clone MEL

Sui, Zhefeng, et al. "Expression of programmed cell death1 in T follicular helper cells is regulated by prostaglandin E2 secreted by HBV-infected HepG2. 2.1. 5 cells." Molecular Medicine Reports 15.6 (2017): 4305-4311.

DPABH-29498 Anti-Prostaglandin E2 polyclonal antibody

Xu, Min, et al. "Anti‐CD47 monoclonal antibody therapy reduces ischemia‐reperfusion injury of renal allografts in a porcine model of donation after cardiac death." American Journal of Transplantation (2017).

DCABY-350 Anti-SIRPA monoclonal antibody, clone CM2I8

Chen, Lingqiang, et al. "MiR‐29b‐3p promotes chondrocyte apoptosis and facilitates the occurrence and development of osteoarthritis by targeting PGRN." Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (2017).

DMABT-H12224 Anti-Comp monoclonal antibody, clone 9I8

Merwaiss, Fernando, Cecilia Czibener, and Diego E. Alvarez. "Cell-to-cell transmission is the main mechanism supporting bovine viral diarrhea virus spread in cell culture." Journal of virology (2018): JVI-01776.

DMAB28412 Anti-BVDV Monoclonal antibody

Zhao, Yuan, et al. "SLC6A1‑miR133a‑CDX2 loop regulates SK‑OV‑3 ovarian cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion." Oncology letters 16.4 (2018): 4977-4983.

DCABH-6396 Anti-SLC6A1 monoclonal antibody, clone FQS23009

Talan, Anita, et al. "Ultrasensitive electrochemical immuno-sensing platform based on gold nanoparticles triggering chlorpyrifos detection in fruits and vegetables." Biosensors and Bioelectronics 105 (2018): 14-21.

HMABPY087 RHA™ anti-Chlorpyrifos monoclonal antibody, clone CPF

Reif, Kathryn E., et al. "Francisella tularensis novicida infection competence differs in cell lines derived from United States populations of Dermacentor andersoni and Ixodes scapularis." Scientific reports 8.1 (2018): 12685.

DMAB8243 Anti-F. novicida type 50 Monoclonal antibody, Clone 11C4

Liang, Shanshan, et al. "Periodontal infection with Porphyromonas gingivalis induces preterm birth and lower birth weight in rats." Molecular oral microbiology (2018).

DMAB9447 Anti-P. gingivalis Monoclonal antibody

Ye, Luyi, et al. "OK/basigin expression on red blood cells varies between blood donors and correlates with binding of recombinant Plasmodium falciparum reticulocyte‐binding protein homolog 5." Transfusion (2018).

CPBT-43246MP Anti-PfRh5 (aa 45-144) polyclonal antibody

Ahmed-Hassan, Hanaa, et al. "Double-Stranded Ribonucleic Acid-Mediated Antiviral Response Against Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus Infection." Viral immunology (2018).

CPBT-48145RC Anti-TLR3 polyclonal antibody

Xu, Min, et al. "Anti‐CD47 monoclonal antibody therapy reduces ischemia‐reperfusion injury of renal allografts in a porcine model of donation after cardiac death." American Journal of Transplantation 18.4 (2018): 855-867.

DCABY-350 Anti-SIRPA monoclonal antibody, clone CM2I8

Lee, Kyung-Hyun, et al. "Experimental infection of mice with noncytopathic bovine viral diarrhea virus 2 increases the number of megakaryocytes in bone marrow." Virology journal 15.1 (2018): 115.

DMAB28412 Anti-BVDV Monoclonal antibody

Zhao, Ying, et al. "Discovery and Characterization of a High-Affinity Small Peptide Ligand, H1, Targeting FGFR2IIIc for Skin Wound Healing." Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 49.3 (2018): 1033-1048.

DMABT-Z60493 Anti-M13 monoclonal antibody, clone D74-HG4 [HRP]

Zhai, Liping, and Xu Wang. "Syringaresinol‑di‑O‑β‑D‑glucoside, a phenolic compound from Polygonatum sibiricum, exhibits an antidiabetic and antioxidative effect on a streptozotocin‑induced mouse model of diabetes." Molecular medicine reports 18.6 (2018): 5511-5519.

DMABT-Z60522 Anti-Nitro tyrosine monoclonal antibody, clone JO.23

Cho, Se-Young, et al. "Elucidation of mechanism for host response to VHSV infection at varying temperatures in vitro and in vivo through proteomic analysis." Fish & shellfish immunology 88 (2019): 244-253.

CABT-B8783 Anti-VHSV G protein monoclonal antibody, clone 23H21

Yu, Mengyuan, et al. "A SUMO ligase AtMMS21 regulates activity of the 26S proteasome in root development." Plant Science 280 (2019): 314-320.

CABT-BL3196 Anti-RPT2a (full length) polyclonal antibody

Li, Yao, et al. "Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Activates Unfolded Protein Response in Forming Ground Glass Hepatocytes of Chronic Hepatitis B." Viruses 11.4 (2019): 386.

DMABT-51328MH Anti-HBV Surface Antigen Monoclonal antibody, Clone 2945

Chen, Jiaqi, et al. "Selective enrichment and quantification of okadaic acid in shellfish using an immunomagnetic‐bead‐based liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry assay." Journal of separation science (2019).

DMABT-Z59853 Anti-Okadaic Acid monoclonal antibody, clone 9G3

Li, Shouhu, et al. "Development of a live vector vaccine against infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus in rainbow trout." Fish & shellfish immunology 89 (2019): 516-524.

DPAB2574 Anti-Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus (IHNV) polyclonal antibody

Hayes, Karen E., et al. "Immunoprecipitation of Tri-methylated Capped RNA." Bio-protocol 8.3 (2018).

DPAB29202 Anti-m3G-cap polyclonal antibody

Opoku-Acheampong, Alexander B., et al. "Prostate cancer cell growth characteristics in serum and prostate-conditioned media from moderate-intensity exercise-trained healthy and tumor-bearing rats." American journal of cancer research 9.4 (2019): 650.

DPBT-65712RR Anti-5-Alpha Reductase Type 2 (native) polyclonal antibody

Vojdani, Aristo, and Elroy Vojdani. "Reaction of antibodies to Campylobacter jejuni and cytolethal distending toxin B with tissues and food antigens." World Journal of Gastroenterology 25.9 (2019): 1050.

DPBT-66814RC Anti-C. jejuni Polyclonal antibody

Zhu, Lin, et al. "Ebola virus replication is regulated by the phosphorylation of viral protein VP35." Biochemical and biophysical research communications (2019).

CABT-B292 Anti-Zaire Ebola Virus VP35 mAb, clone 7D6

Stevens, Leslie M., et al. "Isolation of secreted proteins from Drosophila ovaries and embryos through in vivo BirA-mediated biotinylation." PloS one 14.10 (2019).

DPAB-PT1113RH Anti-BirA polyclonal antibody

Kavita, Uma, et al. "A Fit-for-Purpose Method for the Detection of Human Antibodies to Surface-Exposed Components of BMS-986263, a Lipid Nanoparticle-Based Drug Product Containing a siRNA Drug Substance." The AAPS journal 21.5 (2019): 92.

CABT-B8962 Rabbit anti-Vitamin A polyclonal antibody

Cebula, Zofia, et al. "Detection of the Plant Pathogen Pseudomonas Syringae pv. Lachrymans on Antibody-Modified Gold Electrodes by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy." Sensors 19.24 (2019): 5411.

CABT-BL6193 Anti-Psl polyclonal antibody

Lee, Kyungyeon, et al. "All-in-one platform for salivary cotinine detection integrated with a microfluidic channel and an electrochemical biosensor." Lab on a Chip (2020).

DMAB7637 Anti-Cotinine monoclonal antibody, clone D58H60

Achieng, Angela O., et al. "Molecular basis of reduced LAIR1 expression in childhood severe malarial anaemia: Implications for leukocyte inhibitory signalling." EBioMedicine (2019).

ABPR-0519 Human LAIR1 ELISA Matched Antibody Pair

Abolnik, C., Fehrsen, J., Olivier, A., van Wyngaardt, W., Fosgate, G., & Ellis, C. (2013). Serological investigation of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N2 in ostriches (Struthio camelus). Avian Pathology, 42(3), 206-214.

DAG2228 Recombinant IAV H5N2 (A/American green-winged teal/California/HKWF609/2007) Hemagglutinin Protein (a.a. 19-506) [His]

Robertson, Joshua K., et al. "The effect of social group size on feather corticosterone in the co-operatively breeding Smooth-billed Ani (Crotophaga ani): An assay validation and analysis of extreme social living." PloS one 12.3 (2017): e0174650.

DAG2977 Corticosterone [HRP]

Wang, D., Tang, J., Tang, J., & Wang, L. X. (2015). Targeting N-Glycan Cryptic Sugar Moieties for Broad-Spectrum Virus Neutralization: Progress in Identifying Conserved Molecular Targets in Viruses of Distinct Phylogenetic Origins. Molecules, 20(3), 4610-4622.

DAG-P2894 CMV AD169 (full length)

Palomar, Quentin, et al. "Impedimetric quantification of anti-dengue antibodies using functional carbon nanotube deposits validated with blood plasma assays." Electrochimica Acta 274 (2018): 84-90.

DAGA-249 DENV NS1 (full length Type-2 immunodominant regions) [His]

Burghuber, Christopher K., et al. "Dual targeting: Combining costimulation blockade and bortezomib to permit kidney transplantation in sensitized recipients." American Journal of Transplantation (2018).

DAGA-115 Clostridium tetani Tetanus Toxoid

Wang, Xiaokun, et al. "Sensitive and Reproducible Immunoassay of Multiple Mycotoxins Using Surface‐Enhanced Raman Scattering Mapping on 3D Plasmonic Nanopillar Arrays." Small 14.39 (2018): 1801623.

DAGA-014B Fumonisin [BSA]

Burghuber, Christopher K., et al. "Dual targeting: Combining costimulation blockade and bortezomib to permit kidney transplantation in sensitized recipients." American Journal of Transplantation 19.3 (2019): 724-736.

DAG2692 C. tetani Tetanus Toxoid Antigen

Park, Hye-Soo, et al. "Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv3463 induces mycobactericidal activity in macrophages by enhancing phagolysosomal fusion and exhibits therapeutic potential." Scientific reports 9.1 (2019): 4246.

DAGA-168 M. Tuberculosis LAM antigen

Gao, Enyi, et al. "Enterovirus type 71‑immunized chicken egg yolk immunoglobulin has cross antiviral activity against coxsackievirus A16 in vitro." Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine 18.1 (2019): 332-341.

DAG1665 EV71 VP1 [GST]

Al-Hassnawi, Abeer T., Ali Mansoor Al-Ameri, and Huda H. Al-Hassnawi. "Association between antistreptolysin-O serum level and chronic plaque psoriasis in Iraqi patients." Journal of Contemporary Medical Sciences 1.4 (2016): 20-22.

CDN-ASO-3097 Human anti streptolysin O ELISA Kit

Tharappel, J. C., Ramineni, S. K., Reynolds, D., Puleo, D. A., & Roth, J. S. (2013). Doxycycline impacts hernia repair outcomes. Journal of Surgical Research, 184(1), 699-704.

CDN-E2664 Rat Matrix Metalloproteinase 9, MMP-9 ELISA Kit

Ewadh, M. J., & Al-Khafaji, N. Y. Evaluation of nitric oxide and some biochemical changes in type 2 diabetic patients in Hilla City.

CDN-M1204F Human Malondialdehyde ELISA kit

Shehata, Hanan R., Mansel W. Griffiths, and Manish N. Raizada. "Seeds of the Wild Progenitor of Maize Possess Bacteria That Antagonize Foodborne Pathogens." Foodborne Pathogens and Disease (2017).

DEIA042 Colistin ELISA Kit

Nitha, A., Prabha, S. P., Ansil, P. N., & Latha, M. S. (2013). Antiproliferative effect of Woodfordia fruticosa Kurz flowers on experimentally induced hepatocellular carcinoma in rats and in human hepatoma cell line. Journal of Pharmacy Research, 6(2), 239-248.

DEIA080 Alpha-Fetoprotein, AFP ELISA Kit (Quantitative)

Reyes, V., Perera, Y., Díaz, E., Rosales, I., García, G., & Perea, S. E. (2014). Implementación de un ELISA de competencia para estudios de farmacocinética del péptido CIGB-300 en plasma humano. Biotecnología Aplicada, 31(3), 232-236.

DEIA10583 Heloderma Suspectum Exendin-4 ELISA Kit

Zaidi, S. I. Z., & Shirwany, T. A. K. (2015). Relationship of serum resistin with insulin resistance and obesity. Journal of Ayub Medical College Abbottabad,27(3), 552-555.

DEIA139 Human Resistin, RETN ELISA Kit

Abe, Kazumichi, et al. "Interleukin-21 plays a critical role in the pathogenesis and severity of type I autoimmune hepatitis." SpringerPlus 5.1 (2016): 777.

DEIA161 Human Interleukin 21, IL21 ELISA Kit

Shi, Xu, et al. "Increased ratio of ICOS+/PD‐1+ follicular helper T cells positively correlates with the development of human idiopathic membranous nephropathy." Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology 43.4 (2016): 410-416.

DEIA161 Human Interleukin 21, IL21 ELISA Kit

Ohmatsu, H., Humme, D., Gulati, N., Gonzalez, J., Möbs, M., Suárez-Fariñas, M., ... & Krueger, J. G. (2014). IL32 is progressively expressed in mycosis fungoides independent of helper T-cell 2 and helper T-cell 9 polarization. Cancer immunology research, 2(9), 890-900.

DEIA164 Human Interleukin 32, IL32 ELISA Kit

Kolosova, N. G., Stefanova, N. A., Muraleva, N. A., & Skulachev, V. P. (2012). The mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQ1 but not N-acetylcysteine reverses aging-related biomarkers in rats. Aging (Albany NY), 4(10), 686.


Golbahar, J., Altayab, D., Carreon, E., & Darwish, A. (2013). Association of vitamin D deficiency and hyperparathyroidism with anemia: a cross-sectional study. Journal of blood medicine, 4, 123.

DEIA1836 Intact-PTH ELISA Kit

Bakri, A. H., Garadah, T. S., Al Ajmi, A., Alawi, M. E., & Sequeira, R. R. (2013). Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in patients with sickle cell disease in Bahrain. International Journal of Medicine, 1(2), 23-28.

DEIA1836 Intact-PTH ELISA Kit

Al-Rahbi, B., Zakaria, R., Othman, Z., Hassan, A., & Ahmad, A. H. (2014). Enhancement of BDNF concentration and restoration of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis accompany reduced depressive-like behaviour in stressed ovariectomised rats treated with either Tualang honey or estrogen.The Scientific World Journal, 2014.

DEIA1908 Corticosterone ELISA Kit

Bosire, E. M., Nyamache, A. K., Gicheru, M. M., Khamadi, S. A., Lihana, R. W., & Okoth, V. (2013). Population specific reference ranges of CD3, CD4 and CD8 lymphocyte subsets among healthy Kenyans. AIDS research and therapy, 10(1), 1.

DEIA2220 Malaria Antigen ELISA Kit

Esfahanian, V., Farhad, S. Z., Mesripour, M., Ghafari, M., Mafi, M., & Kouchakian, F. (2013). HCMV antibody titer in gingival crevicular fluid in chronic periodontitis. Journal of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry, 5(2), 61.

DEIA2275 Human CMV IgG ELISA Kit

Yalcin, A. D., Uçar, S., Gumuslu, S., & Strauss, L. G. (2013). Effects of omalizumab on eosinophil cationic peptide, 25-hydroxyvitamin-D, IL-1 β and sCD200 in cases of Samter's syndrome: 36 months follow-up.Immunopharmacology and immunotoxicology, 35(4), 524-527.

DEIA234 Human CD200 Molecule, CD200 ELISA Pair Set

Zhou, P., Huang, S., Zeng, W., Zhang, X., Wang, L., Fu, X., & Li, S. (2016). Seroepidemiological Evidence of Subtype H3N8 Influenza Virus Infection among Pet Dogs in China. PloS one, 11(7), e0159106.

DEIA252 Influenza A H3N2 HA1 Hemagglutinin, HA1 ELISA Kit

Al-Rahbi, B., Zakaria, R., Othman, Z., Hassan, A., Muthuraju, S., & Wan Mohammad, W. M. Z. (2013). Mood and memory function in ovariectomised rats exposed to social instability stress. BioMed research international, 2013.

DEIA3064 ACTH (Human) ELISA Kit

Noire, M. D. A. (2015). Séroprévalence de l’infection au cytomégalovirus chez les donneurs de sang à l’hôpital de district de Bonassama Douala-Cameroun. Médecine d’Afrique Noire, 62(7), 374.

DEIA326 Cytomegalovirus IgG ELISA Kit

Arthur, M. Christine, et al. "Dodecafluoropentane Improves Neurological Function Following Anterior Ischemic Stroke." Molecular Neurobiology (2016): 1-7.

DEIA3517 Glutamate ELISA Kit

Al-Rahbi, B., Zakaria, R., Othman, Z., Hassan, A., & Ahmad, A. H. (2014). Protective effects of Tualang honey against oxidative stress and anxiety-like behaviour in stressed ovariectomized rats. International Scholarly Research Notices, 2014.

DEIA525 Human Oestradiol ELISA Kit

Onambélé-Pearson, G. L., Morse, C. I., Woodroffe, M. J., & Bentley, M. A. MMU Research team.

DEIA6842 Caffeine ELISA Kit

Wang, Z., Guo, D., Yang, B., Wang, J., Wang, R., Wang, X., & Zhang, Q. (2014). Integrated analysis of microarray data of atherosclerotic plaques: modulation of the ubiquitin-proteasome system. PloS one, 9(10), e110288.

DEIA7172 Human 20S Proteasome ELISA KIT

Fatima, S. S., Bozaoglu, K., Rehman, R., Alam, F., & Memon, A. S. (2013). Elevated chemerin levels in Pakistani men: an interrelation with metabolic syndrome phenotypes. PloS one, 8(2), e57113.

DEIA7422 Human Chemerin ELISA KIT

Sugawara, Shiho, et al. "Establishment of Epithelial Attachment on Titanium Surface Coated with Platelet Activating Peptide." PloS one 11.10 (2016): e0164693.

DEIA9387 Human plasmin ELISA kit

Golec, M., Lemieszek, M. K., Skórska, C., Sitkowska, J., Zwoliński, J., Mackiewicz, B., ... & Dutkiewicz, J. (2015). Cathelicidin related antimicrobial peptide, laminin, Toll-like receptors and chemokines levels in experimental hypersensitivity pneumonitis in mice. Pathologie Biologie, 63(3), 130-135.

DEIA-BJ2396 Mouse Chemokine C-C-Motif Receptor Like Protein 1 ELISA Kit

Garadah, Taysir S., et al. "Pain frequency, severity and QT dispersion in adult patients with sickle cell anemia: correlation with inflammatory markers." Journal of Blood Medicine 7 (2016): 255.

DEIABL239 PTH (1-34)-Teriparatide ELISA Kit

Giacomet, V., Penagini, F., Trabattoni, D., Viganò, A., Rainone, V., Bernazzani, G., ... & Zuccotti, G. V. (2014). Safety and immunogenicity of a quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine in HIV-infected and HIV-negative adolescents and young adults. Vaccine, 32(43), 5657-5661.

DEIA-F678S Human Papilloma Virus IgG ELISA Kit

Bialas, Kristy M., et al. "Maternal Antibody Responses and Nonprimary Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection of HIV-1–Exposed Infants." Journal of Infectious Diseases 214.12 (2016): 1916-1923.


Reichel, Christian, et al. "Detection of Sotatercept (ACE‐011) in human serum by SAR‐PAGE and Western Single Blotting." Drug testing and analysis (2017).

DEIA6917 Human ACTR IIA (Soluble) ELISA KIT

Venkatesh, Ravula, Krishnapura Srinivasan, and Sridevi Annapurna Singh. "Effect of arginine: lysine and glycine: methionine intake ratios on dyslipidemia and selected biomarkers implicated in cardiovascular disease: A study with hypercholesterolemic rats." Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 91 (2017): 408-414.

DEIA3576 Homocysteine ELISA Kit

Schaefer, J., et al. "Validated low-volume immunoassay for the reliable determination of direct renin especially valuable for pediatric investigations." Journal of Immunoassay and Immunochemistry (2017): 1-16.

DEIA2168 Human Renin ELISA Kit

Weng, Xuan, and Suresh Neethirajan. "Paper‐based microfluidic aptasensor for food safety." Journal of Food Safety (2017).

DEIA6820 Brevetoxin (NSP) ELISA Kit

Weng, Xuan, and Suresh Neethirajan. "Aptamer-based fluorometric determination of norovirus using a paper-based microfluidic device." Microchimica Acta 184.11 (2017): 4545-4552.

DEIA6820 Brevetoxin (NSP) ELISA Kit

Reichel, Christian, Günter Gmeiner, and Mario Thevis. "Antibody‐based strategies for the detection of Luspatercept (ACE‐536) in human serum." Drug testing and analysis (2017).

DEIA6918 Human ACTR-IIB (Soluble) ELISA Kit

Canesin, Giacomo, et al. "Treatment with the WNT5A-mimicking peptide Foxy-5 effectively reduces the metastatic spread of WNT5A-low prostate cancer cells in an orthotopic mouse model." PloS one 12.9 (2017): e0184418.


Tan, Mein Jin, et al. "Metal carbonyl-gold nanoparticle conjugates for highly sensitive SERS detection of organophosphorus pesticides." Biosensors and Bioelectronics 96 (2017): 167-172.

DEIABL-QB54 Organophosphorus Compound ELISA Kit

Lu, Minghua. "Bioresponsive-controlled release of methylene blue from magnetic mesoporous silica from the electrochemical detection of telomerase activity." Analyst 142.18 (2017): 3477-3483.

DEIA7375 Telomerase ELISA Kit

Schwartze, J. T., et al. "Adipocyte C1QTNF5 expression is BMI-dependently related to early adipose tissue dysfunction and systemic CTRP5 serum levels in obese children." International Journal of Obesity 41.6 (2017): 955-963.

DEIA4542 Human CTRP-5 ELISA Kit

Ali, Badreldin H., et al. "Chronic water-pipe smoke exposure induces injurious effects to reproductive system in male mice." Frontiers in physiology 8 (2017).

DEIA04892 Cotinine ELISA Kit

Wang, Xin, et al. "Aspirin ameliorates cerebral infarction through regulation of TLR4/NF‑κB‑mediated endoplasmic reticulum stress in mouse model." Molecular medicine reports 17.1 (2018): 479-487.


Heidinger, Andrea, et al. "Decreased viability and proliferation of CHANG conjunctival epithelial cells after contact with ultraviolet light-irradiated pollen." Cutaneous and ocular toxicology 37.3 (2018): 210-217.

DEIA207 Rat Interleukin 2, Il2 ELISA Kit

El-Abhar, Hanan, et al. "Cilostazol disrupts TLR-4, Akt/GSK-3β/CREB, and IL-6/JAK-2/STAT-3/SOCS-3 crosstalk in a rat model of Huntington's disease." PloS one 13.9 (2018): e0203837.

DEIA4233 STAT3 (pY705) (Human/Mouse/Rat) ELISA Kit

Li, Ke, et al. "Baicalein Ameliorates Chronic Stress-Mediated Ovarian Dysfunction by Upregulating the Expression of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid B2 Receptor." Reproductive and Developmental Medicine 2.1 (2018): 21.

DEIA-BJ2337 Mouse Mullerian Inhibiting Substance/Anti Mullerian Hormone (MIS/AMH) ELISA Kit

Park, Miseon, and Fatemeh Rafii. "Effects of Bile Acids and Nisin on the Production of Enterotoxin by Clostridium perfringens in a Nutrient-Rich Medium." International journal of microbiology 2018 (2018).

DEIA05710 Clostridium perfringens Enterotoxin ELISA Kit

Liu, Dongyun, et al. "Spatial and temporal expression of SP-B and TGF-β1 in hyperoxia-induced neonatal rat lung injury." INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 11.1 (2018): 232-239.

DEIA-BJ2273 Rat Pulmonary Surfactant Associated Protein B ELISA Kit

Liu, Dongyun, et al. "Spatial and temporal expression of SP-B and TGF-β1 in hyperoxia-induced neonatal rat lung injury." INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY 11.1 (2018): 232-239.

DEIA1362 Rat TGF-β1 ELISA Kit

Zhang, Ling-li, Lian-feng Zhang, and Yun-bo Shi. "miR-24 inhibited the killing effect of natural killer cells to colorectal cancer cells by downregulating Paxillin." Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 101 (2018): 257-263.

DEIA7384V2 Human Tumor Necrosis Factor α (TNFα) ELISA kit

Zhao, Ming, et al. "The polyphenol resveratrol promotes skeletal growth in mice through a sirtuin 1‐bone morphogenic protein 2 longevity axis." British journal of pharmacology 175.21 (2018): 4183-4192.

DEIA-XYA950 eNOS (Phospho-Ser1176) ELISA Kit

Clarke, Neil D., et al. "Coffee Ingestion Enhances 1-Mile Running Race Performance." International journal of sports physiology and performance 13.6 (2018): 789-794.

DEIA6842 Caffeine ELISA Kit

Zhang, Yajie, et al. "Protective effect of a rosmarinic acid–rich extract from cold‐pressed Perilla frutescens seed flour on oxidative hepatotoxicity in vitro and in vivo." Journal of Food Biochemistry 42.2 (2018): e12492.

CDN-M1204F Human Malondialdehyde ELISA kit

Yung, Kam Chau, et al. "Study on the Role of Calreticulin Within Platelet from Adult Patients with Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura." Indian Journal of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (2018): 1-8.

DEIA6937 Human Calreticulin ELISA KIT

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DEIA047 Gentamicin ELISA Kit

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DEIA047 Gentamicin ELISA Kit

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DEIA194 Mouse IL-1β ELISA Kit

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DEIA3171 AQP1 (Human) ELISA Kit

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DEIA7391 Mouse TNF-α ELISA kit

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DEIA-BJ553 Human High sensitivity C Reactive Protein ELISA kit

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DEIABL459 Japanese medaka vitellogenin ELISA kit

Robinson, Michelle D., et al. "Water T 2 as an early, global and practical biomarker for metabolic syndrome: an observational cross-sectional study." Journal of translational medicine 15.1 (2017): 258.

DEIA-CL032 Human Staphylococcus Aureus Enterotoxins (SE) ELISA Kit

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DEIA-CL036 Influenza A Virus Nucleoprotein Antigen ELISA Kit

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DEIA05740 Toxocara ELISA Kit

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DEIAPV220 Pepper mild mottle virus (PMMoV) ELISA Kit

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DEIA192 Mouse Interleukin 5, Il5 ELISA Kit

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DEIA079 Human T-cell lymphotropic Virus antibody, HTLV (1+2) Ab ELISA Kit

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DEIA8050 Human Leptin receptor ELISA Kit

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DEIA003 Human HBeAg ELISA Kit

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DEIA-BJ815 Human Exendin 4 ELISA Kit

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DTS130 Helicobacter pylori Antibody Rapid Test

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DTS233 CRP Serum Whole Blood Rapid Test (Cassette)

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DTS725 Strep B Rapid Test

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DTS600 Salmonella Ag Rapid Test


DTS001 Clenbuterol Residue Rapid Test Strip (Urine)

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CSC-H1754 Mouse Anti Drosophila hindsight protein Hybridoma [2H0]

Šimo, L., & Park, Y. (2014). Neuropeptidergic control of the hindgut in the black-legged tick Ixodes scapularis. International journal for parasitology,44(11), 819-826.

CSC-H1911 Mouse Anti Diploptera Punctata Allatostatin Hybridoma [6G21]

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