Plant Pathogen ELISA Kits

Plant pathogen diagnosis is the proper identification of the biotic disease-causing agents, which is one of the most important aspects of disease control measures as well as a fundamental component of successful agriculture.

By deployment of the latest innovative technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques, Creative Diagnostics offers a broad range of ELISA kits for plant pathogen detections with high test performance characteristics to allow accurate, rapid, simple and high-throughput identification of the organism(s) that cause plant disease. Our immunological techniques based ELISA kits offer considerable advantages over traditional diagnostic methods and PCR-based techniques, the comparison is provided in Table 1.

In addition, Creative Diagnostics also provides a wide range of ELISA-based rapid test strips with visible color change signal by using lateral flow devices, which are designed for on-site, robust and fast detection of plant pathogens by unskilled personnel.

Plant Pathogens

Table 1. Comparison of immunological, PCR techniques and traditional approaches for the diagnosis and detection of plant pathogens

  ELISA kits or Strips PCR-based techniques Traditional diagnostic methods *
Sample preparation Easy Complex for DNA purification Easy
Procedure and Time Can be performed by non-specialists in one day and the rapid test strips can give answers in 15 min Complex, requires expert staff and appropriate measures, can be performed in 1 day labor-intensive and time-consuming, require skilled and specialized personnel
Portability Assays can be adapted for use in the field Demand laboratory set-up Isolating the pathogens should be done in a laboratory.
Specificity and Accuracy Often very good for viruses and bacteria, sometimes cross- reactivity between
fungal species
Very good Low
Sensitivity Good for viruses, not sensitive enough for bacteria Excellent Low
Costs Cost-effective Expensive, particularly real-time PCR Low-cost

*Include checking the symptoms and signs, and isolating the pathogens onto nutrient media

Our products are suitable for a wide variety of applications include plant pathological research, plant quarantine, early detection of plant pathogens, tracking of pathogen expansion and emergence in agriculture, detecting pathogens in seeds and other propagative plant materials, and recognizing pathogens in the field for rational and timely management of the diseases, at fair prices without laboratory equipment and specialist knowledge.

More and Customized Kits
The diagnostics products for more plant pathogens are in development and will be soon available.
We also offer or guide the production of customer-specific ELISA kits and immunological strips on request, based on our state-of-the-art technology, well-trained staff and strict quality control measures.
Please feel free to contact us for the reagents or test strips against non-listed pathogens.

Plant Pathogen Antibodies

Creative Diagnostics also offers high-quality plant pathogens antibodies, which are suitable for use in ELISA or related immunoassays and can be ordered in bulk quantity. Please click the link above for more information.

Plant Pathogens Antibodies
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