Pesticides ELISA Kits

About Pesticides

Pesticides are substances or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, or controlling any pest, including vectors of human or animal disease, unwanted species of plants or animals, causing harm during or otherwise interfering with the production, processing, storage, transport, or marketing of food, agricultural commodities, wood and wood products or animal feedstuffs, or substances that may be administered to animals for the control of insects, arachnids, or other pests in or on their bodies. The term includes substances intended for use as a plant growth regulator, defoliant, desiccant, or agent for thinning fruit or preventing the premature fall of fruit. Also used as substances applied to crops either before or after harvest to protect the commodity from deterioration during storage and transport.


Most of the pesticides are toxic chemicals. Pesticides residue in food or other agricultural products may be harmful to human body. Creative Diagnostics provide a variety of ELISA kit for rapid and sensitive detection and measurement of pesticides residue to keep you away from those toxins.

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