Vaccine Grade

Pam2CSK4 (vaccine adjuvant) [Biotin]

  • Cat.No.
  • DADF-089
  • Product Name
  • Pam2CSK4 (vaccine adjuvant) [Biotin]
  • Subclassification
  • Adjuvants for protein-based vaccines
  • Classification
  • Adjuvant
  • Storage
  • Shipped at room temperature and it should be stored at 2-8°C. Long term storage at -20°C for up to 6 months. Avoid repeated freeze thaw cycles.
  • Description
  • Pam2CSK4 is a synthetic diacylated lipopeptide (LP). Bacterial lipoproteins are strong immune modulators that activate early innate host responses after infection. LP analogues of these lipoproteins signal either through TLR2/1 or TLR2/6 heterodimers. Toll-like receptor 2/6 (TLR2/6) agonist. Induces TNF-α production in human mononuclear cells.

    Also induces proliferation and activation of mouse splenic B cells. According to the current model, triacylated LP like Pam3CSK4, are recognized by TLR2/1, whereas diacylated LP, such as FSL-1, induce signaling through TLR2/6. However, it was reported that diacylated LP, such as Pam2CSK4, induce signaling in a TLR6- independent manner. This finding suggests that both the lipid and peptide part of lipoproteins take part in the specificity of recognition by TLR2 heterodimer.
    Solubility: 1 mg/ml in 20% acetonitrile / water. Formula : C65H126N10O12S
  • Format
  • Provided as a lyophilized powder; sterile.
  • CAS
  • 868247-72-7
  • Molecular Weight
  • 1271.83

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