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SARS-CoV Antigens and Antibodies

SARS coronavirus, also known as SARS-CoV, emerged in the human population in Guangdong province of southeastern, China in 2002, Within months, the outbreak had spread to 29 countries and regions causing over 8000 human cases and almost 800 deaths in the 2002-2003 outbreak. Phylogenetic analysis of coronavirus from scientist indicated a high probability that SARS coronavirus originated in bats and spread to humans either directly or through animals held in Chinese markets. The bats did not show any visible signs of disease but are the likely natural reservoirs of SARS-like coronaviruses.

Coronaviruses are a family of large, enveloped, positive-stranded RNA viruses that cause upper respiratory, gastrointestinal and central nervous system diseases in humans and other animals. The coronavirinae family consists of four genera based on their genetic properties, including genus alphacoronavirus, genus betacoronavirus, genus gammacoronavirus, and genus deltacoronavirus. Host range and tissue tropism show a lot of variation among different CoVs. Human coronaviruses HCoV-OC43, HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63 and HCoV-HKU1 circulate in humans and cause mild respiratory diseases. However, the outbreak of SARS-CoV in 2002, MERS-CoV in 2012 and SARS-CoV-2 in 2019 showed that coronaviruses can cross the species barrier and emerge as highly pathogenic viruses. SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-2 and MERS-CoV all belong to the betacoronavirus genus and are zoonotic pathogens that can cause severe respiratory diseases in humans. An outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 disease in 2019 showed many similarities with the SARS-CoV outbreak, and the viral agent was identified as another strain of the SARS-related coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Although the two are strains of the same virus, SARS-CoV-2 is not a direct descendant of SARS-CoV, and made the jump into humans separately.

Fig. The Viral Structure of SARS-CoV
Source: Nature Reviews \ Microbiology

SARS-CoV is an enveloped virus with round and sometimes pleiomorphic virions of approximately 80 to 120 nm in diameter. It contains positive-strand RNA, with the largest RNA genome (approximately 30 kb). The genome RNA is complexed with the basic nucleocapsid (N) protein to form a helical capsid found within the viral membrane. The structural proteins of SARS-CoV include the surface spike (S) glycoprotein, the membrane (M) protein, the small envelope (E) glycoprotein, and the nucleocapsid (N) protein. The spike (S) glycoprotein of the coronavirus is a class I viral fusion protein located on the outer envelope of the virion that plays a critical role in viral infection by recognizing host cell receptors and mediating fusion of the viral and cellular membranes. The coronavirus S glycoprotein is synthesized as a precursor protein consisting of ~1,300 amino acids that is then cleaved into an amino (N)-terminal S1 subunit (~700 amino acids) and a carboxyl (C)-terminal S2 subunit (~600 amino acids). Three S1/S2 heterodimers assemble to form a trimer spike protruding from the viral envelope.

Creative Diagnostics now can provide SARS-CoV antigens and antibodies.SARS-CoV antigens can be used for scientific research, detection of SARS coronavirus and preparation of neutralizing antibodies. SARS-CoV antibodies is useful for researchers interested in viral research. This products are for research use only and are not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic applications. All of our antigens and antibodies are produced using a standardized production process to ensure the highest quality and are performance guaranteed for the applications listed on the detailed datasheets.

Product List of SARS-CoV Reagents

Cat Product Name Applications Category
DAG-P2619 SARS Active E Antigen WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG4727 SARS ACE (aa 1-76) WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG3591 SARS ACN (aa 1 - 49, 192 - 220) WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG2409 SARS Core Protein (aa 1 - 49) WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG2410 SARS Core Protein (aa 340 - 390) WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG2411 SARS Envelope protein (aa 1 - 76) WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG3593 SARS E Antigen (aa 340 - 390) ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG3594 SARS E1 glycoprotein (aa 182 - 216) ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG2412 SARS Matrix protein (aa 182 - 216) WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG1352 SARS Matrix WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG-P2620 SARS M protein (aa 182 - 216) WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG4742 SARS Membrane protein [GST] WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG517 SARS Nucleocapsid (aa 1 - 49) [GST] WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG522 SARS Nucleocapsid (aa 340 - 390) [GST] WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG1351 SARS Nucleocapsid (aa 1 - 422) [His] WB Antigen
DAGA-610 SARS spike mosaic protein S (N-terminal) WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG1861 SARS S1 [His] SDS-PAGE Antigen
DAG1862 SARS S2 [His] SDS-PAGE Antigen
DAG539 SARS Spike Protein (C - terminal) [GST] ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG547 SARS Spike Protein (N - terminal) [GST] ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG2408 SARS Spike protein (aa 1 - 1190) [His] ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG-H10342 SARS Spike Protein [His] ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG-H10344 SARS Spike Protein [Fc] ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG1345 SARS Spike Mosaic S ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG3596 SARS Spike glycoprotein C ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG4743 SARS Spike protein S1 [GST] ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG4744 SARS Spike protein S2 [GST] ELISA, WB Antigen
DAGA-609 Recombinant SARS Spike Protein (C-terminal section) WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG534 Recombinant SARS Spike protein (Middle) [GST] ELISA, WB Antigen
DAG3597 Recombinant SARS Spike Protein (a.a. 408-470, 540-573) ELISA, WB Antigen
DAGC096 Recombinant SARS Coronavirus Spike Glycoprotein 2 (C-Terminus) ELISA, IgG/IgM detection, WB Antigen
DAGA-606 Recombinant SARS Nucleoprotein (a.a. 1-49, 192-220) WB, ELISA Antigen
DAGA-607 Recombinant SARS Envelope protein WB, ELISA Antigen
DAG532 Recombinant SARS Envelope protein [GST] ELISA, WB Antigen
DAGA-608 Recombinant SARS M protein WB, ELISA Antigen
DAGC095 Recombinant Coronavirus Nucleocapsid 229E Protein [His] ELISA, IgG/IgM detection Antigen
DAGA-2009 Recombinant SARS-CoV (aa 1-49) [GST] ELISA, WB Antigen
DPAB1469 Rabbit Anti-SARS Spike Protein (C-Terminal) Polyclonal Antibody ELISA Antibody
DPAB1462 Rabbit Anti-SARS Spike Protein (N-terminal) Polyclonal Antibody ELISA Antibody
DMAB8869 Mouse Anti-SARS-CoV Nucleocapsid Monoclonal antibody, Clone W152K152 WB Antibody
CABT-B8748 Mouse Anti-SARS-CoV Nucleoprotein monoclonal antibody, clone CEJ297 ELISA Antibody
CABT-B8749 Mouse Anti-SARS-CoV Nucleoprotein monoclonal antibody, clone CEJ610 ELISA Antibody
DPAB22549 Rabbit Anti-SARS-CoV Nucleocapsid Polyclonal antibody IF, WB, ELISA Antibody
CABT-RM318 Rabbit anti-SARS-CoV S1 polyclonal antibody ELISA, IHC-P, FC, IF, IP Antibody
CABT-RM319 Rabbit anti-SARS-CoV S1 polyclonal antibody ELISA, IHC-P, FC, IF, IP Antibody
CABT-RM311 Mouse anti-MERS & SARS-CoV NP monoclonal antibody, clone MN2167 ELISA, IFA Antibody
CABT-RM312 Mouse anti-MERS & SARS-CoV NP monoclonal antibody, clone MN2168 ELISA, IFA Antibody

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