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Plant Pathogens Antibodies

Plant Pathogens Antibodies

Plant diseases are considered as major threat to the yield and quality of crops and have significant impact on the world’s food supply, as up to 15% of production is lost to pathogens. Plant pathogens include living organisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. These pathogenic microorganisms can spread rapidly over great distances, vectored by wind, insects, water, and human, resulting in the production of disease-specific proteins involved in plant defense and also produce proteins/toxins to facilitate their infection before disease symptoms appear.

However, these crop losses can be minimized, and effective treatments can be tailored for specific pathogens if plant diseases are timely diagnosed. Advances in plant pathology, biotechnology, and molecular biology have made it possible. Such plant pathogens can be tested by specific antibodies or kits for the existence of pathogen DNA or the proteins produced by either the pathogen or the plant during infection. These techniques require minimal processing time and show practical value in identifying pathogens.

Creative Diagnostics is one of the first-in class global manufacturers of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. After a prolonged endeavor, this time we provide a powerful set of antibodies to identify plant pathogens with high affinity and minimal cross-reactivity.

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