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New Plant Pathogen Antibodies for DAS-ELISA

Important agricultural crops are threatened by a wide variety of plant diseases and pests. These can damage crops, lower fruit and vegetable quality and wipe out entire harvests. About 42% of the world’s total agricultural crop is destroyed yearly by diseases and pests.

An attack by disease-causing organisms generates a complex immune response in a plant, resulting in the production of disease-specific proteins involved in plant defense and in limiting the spread of infection. Organisms that cause infectious plant disease include fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasitic plants. Pathogens also produce proteins and toxins to facilitate their infection, before disease symptoms appear. These molecules play vital role in the development of plant diagnostic kits.

Advances in molecular biology, plant pathology, and biotechnology have made the development of such kits possible. These kits are designed to detect plant diseases early, either by identifying the presence of the pathogen in the plant (by testing for the presence of pathogen DNA) or the molecules (proteins) produced by either the pathogen or the plant during infection. These techniques require minimal processing time and are more accurate in identifying pathogens.

So far, diagnostic kits have been designed to detect diseases in crops such as rice, potatoes, papaya, tomatoes, and banana. Similar kits are also increasingly important for identifying genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in shipments of conventional crops.

Currently, Creative-Diagnostics has launched a powerful set of antiserum and their AP conjugate form against plant pathogens for DAS-ELISA. The specificity of the coating IgG for the specific virus/bacteria is determined in DAS-ELISA using homologous rabbit anti-viral/bacteria AP conjugate as secondary antibody and a dilution series of healthy plant extract of the plant material in which the virus/bacteria is to be detected as antigen. They are produced for the specific detection and identification of plant viruses and plant pathogenic bacteria on plants and seed material.

Antibodies available for DAS-ELISA:

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