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New Anti-VSV Hybridomas on line

Creative Diagnostics has brought out several new hybridomas for production of antibodies against VSV protein.

Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) is an acute viral vesicular disease of cattle, horses, deer and pigs (and occasionally humans). The VSV genome encodes for 5 proteins: N, P, M, G, and L.

The G protein (glycoprotein) is located at the virion surface and is responsible for virus attachment and penetration.

The M protein (matrix protein) is responsible for binding the nucleocapsid and condenses it into a tightly coiled helix and binds the nucleocapsid to the envelope. This activity of the M protein is what gives the virus its bullet like shape. In addition to M protein's role in virus assembly, it is also responsible for mediating molecular mechanisms of VSV pathogenesis. Wild-type M protein surpresses host gene expression in infected cells and inhibits antiviral responses.

The N protein (nucleocapsid protein) tightly binds viral RNA. This activity of the N protein protects the viral genome from cellular sensors and nuclease degradation. Additionally, accumulation of the N protein during VSV replication results in a switch from viral gene transcription to genome replication.

Our New Hybridomas include:

CSC-H0001LN Anti-VSV-G Hybridoma [9H6G22]

CSC-H0002LN Anti-VSV-N Hybridoma [21H5]

CSC-H0003LN Anti-VSV-G Hybridoma [JF10G10]

CSC-H0004LN Anti-VSV-M Hybridoma [34H23]

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