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Immunogenicity ELISA Kits

IM testing is a necessary step in the development of any biotherapeutic drug. Innovative strategies have been used to reduce the potential immunogenicity of these large molecules. However, none of these approaches ensure 100% waver from the problem of patient rejection and toxicity. In response to the fast merging of biotherapeutic drug field, we have now successfully developed ready-to-use Immunogenicity ELISA Kits, specially designed for detecting high affinity anti-antibody drug antibodies (ADAs) and other targets. Our kits have superior drug tolerance, and are able to detect ADAs after acid dissociation of drug complexed antibodies. 

Our Hottest Immunogenicity ELISA Kits:

Each of our kit goes through fit-for-purpose validation and stability testing to ensure high accuracy, sensitivity and specificity. We also provide Anti-idiotypic Antibodies to facilitate your discovery.

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