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Functional Grade Mouse anti-Mouse Antibodies For In Vivo Research

Creative Diagnostics has developed a series of functional grade recombinant chimeric antibodies. These antibodies are well-validated in comprehensive applications including Agonism, Blocking, Depletion, Neutralization, WB, IP, FC, and IHC. The newly launched antibodies consist of a series of most popular recombinant mouse anti-mouse antibodies ideal for in vivo research in mouse models.

Performance and Highlights

  • Consist of original anti-mouse variable domain and engineered mouse Fc domain.
  • Low immunogenicity.
  • High-efficiency, Increased potency.
  • Excellent batch consistency.
  • Functional Grade, Low endotoxin level (<0.5 EU/mg), BSA-free, Preservative-free.

Product List

Cat. No Product Name Application
CABT-Z483M Mouse Anti-Mouse BTLA Chimeric Mab, clone HMBT-6B2 FuncS, FC, IB, IP, WB
CABT-Z559M Mouse Anti-Mouse CD153 Chimeric Mab, clone RM153 Blocking, FuncS, FC
CABT-Z495M Mouse Anti-Mouse CD19 Chimeric Mab, clone 6D5 IP, WB, FC, IHC
CABT-Z488M Recombinant Mouse Anti-Mouse CD20 Mab, clone 18B12 Depletion, FC, FuncS, WB, IF
CABT-Z490M Mouse Anti-Mouse CD200R Chimeric Mab, clone OX131 FC
CABT-Z493M Mouse Anti-Mouse CD226 Chimeric Mab, clone 10E5 FC
CABT-Z497M Mouse Anti-Mouse CD27 Chimeric Mab, clone RM27-3E5 IP, Neut, FC
CABT-Z489M Mouse Anti-Mouse CD4 epitope A Chimeric Mab, clone YTS 177.9 FC, IHC
CABT-Z481M Mouse Anti-Mouse CD96 Chimeric Mab, clone 6A6 FC, Blocking, ELISA
CABT-Z486M Mouse Anti-Mouse HAVCR1 Chimeric Mab, clone 3B3 Agonist, FC, IF, IHC
CABT-Z487M Mouse Anti-Mouse HAVCR2 Chimeric Mab, clone 2C12 Blocking, FC, IF, IHC
CABT-Z491M Mouse Anti-Mouse LGALS9 Chimeric Mab, clone RG9-35 Blocking, FC, FuncS
CABT-Z494M Mouse Anti-Mouse PTPRC Chimeric Mab, clone RA3-6B2 WB, FC, IF, IHC
CABT-Z492M Mouse Anti-Mouse PVR Chimeric Mab, clone 3F1 ELISA, FC
CABT-Z480M Mouse Anti-Mouse TIGIT Mab, clone 1B4 FC, Blocking, ELISA
CABT-Z485M Mouse Anti-Mouse TIMD2 Chimeric Mab, clone RMT2-14 Blocking, FuncS, WB, FC, IF, IHC
CABT-Z484M Mouse Anti-Mouse TIMD4 Chimeric Mab, clone 3A1 Blocking, WB, ELISA, FC, IF, IHC
CABT-Z496M Mouse Anti-Mouse TNFRSF14 Chimeric Mab, clone HMHV-1B18 Blocking, FuncS, WB, FC, IP
CABT-Z482M Mouse Anti-Mouse VCTN1 Chimeric Mab, clone 7A1-6 FuncS, FC, IF

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Creative Diagnostics is committed to providing antibodies for both in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical animal studies with the highest quality at reasonable prices and our portfolio of low endotoxin/azide free antibodies features the best-researched antibodies on the market. Please contact us directly if you are interested in collaboration or have any other requests.

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