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Cytotoxic Drug Antibodies

Creative Diagnostics offers monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against different categories of cytotoxic drug: Tubulin Inhibitor; DNA Damaging; RNA Polymerase II and III Inhibitor; DNA Topoisomerase I Inhibitor and DNA Inhibitor.

Currently, the launched products are for research purposes only, not for use in diagnostics. More payload antibodies are under development.

Product List

Cat. No Product Name Host Payload Category
CABT-L3104 Anti-DM1/4 Pab Rabbit Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-B8996 Anti-DM1 Pab Mouse Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-L3105 Anti-DM1/4 Mab Mouse Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-L3103 Anti-MMAE / F Mab Mouse Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-B8992 Anti-MMAE Mab Mouse Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-B8993 Anti-MMAE Mab [Biotin] Mouse Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-B8997 Anti-MMAE Pab Mouse Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-B8994 Anti-MMAF Mab Mouse Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-B8995 Anti-MMAF Mab [Biotin] Mouse Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-L3102 Anti-MMAF Pab Rabbit Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-B8998 Anti-MMAF Pab Mouse Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-L3101 Anti-vc-PAB-MMAE Mab Mouse Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-L3100 Anti-vc-PAB-MMAE Pab Rabbit Tubulin Inhibitor
DM1 / DM4 can bind to tubulin at or near the vinblastine-binding site, which interfere the formation of microtubules and depolymerize already formed microtubules, inducing mitotic arrest in the intoxicated cells.
MMAE / MMAF are antitubulin agent that inhibit cell division by blocking the polymerization of tubulin.
CABT-L3109 Anti-Duocarmycin Mab Mouse DNA Damaging
CABT-L3108 Anti-Duocarmycin Pab Rabbit DNA Damaging
CABT-L3107 Anti-Calicheamicin Mab Mouse DNA Damaging
CABT-L3106 Anti-Calicheamicin Pab Rabbit DNA Damaging
Duocarmycin binds to the minor groove of DNA and alkylate the nucleobase adenine at the N3 position, which eventually leads to cell death.
Calicheamicin targets DNA and cause strand scission.
CABT-L3117 Anti-PBD SG3199 Mab Mouse DNA Inhibitor
CABT-L3116 Anti-PBD SG3199 Pab Rabbit DNA Inhibitor
CABT-L3111 Anti-PNU-159682 Mab Mouse DNA Inhibitor
CABT-L3110 Anti-PNU-159682 Pab Rabbit DNA Inhibitor
PBD (pyrrolobenzodiazepine) are a class of sequence-selective DNA minor-groove binding crosslinking agents, which are significantly more potent than systemic chemotherapeutic drugs.
PNU-159682 is a highly potent metabolite of the anthracycline nemorubicin with outstanding cytotoxicity, and it is a topoisomerase inhibitor.
CABT-L3113 Anti-Amanitin Mab Mouse RNA Polymerase II and III Inhibitor
CABT-L3112 Anti-Amanitin Pab Rabbit RNA Polymerase II and III Inhibitor
Amanitin is a potent inhibitor of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase II.
CABT-L3115 Anti-SN38 Mab Mouse DNA Topoisomerase I Inhibitor
CABT-L3114 Anti-SN38 Pab Rabbit DNA Topoisomerase I Inhibitor
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ADCs (Antibody–drug conjugates) are emerging as powerful cancer treatments that combine antibody-mediated tumor targeting with the potent cytotoxic activity of toxins and permit sensitive discrimination between healthy and diseased tissue. Due to its high potent toxins, the pharmacokinetic properties need to be extensively evaluated. So, the ratio of conjugated and total antibody needs to be measured using immuno-colorimetric assays by an agent that targets the drug portion after certain time period of deployment.

With team of antibody experts working in a state-of-the-art laboratory, Creative Diagnostics is proud to announce that a new set of antibodies specific to Cytotoxic Drugs are now commercially available. Using these newly launched antibodies, we were able to successfully develop highly sensitive MMAE and MMAF ELISA kits.

More in development, coming soon!

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