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Antibodies for Veterinary Disease Research

The world of animal healthy is undergoing change at a breakneck speed. Each year, families, communities and countries worldwide suffer unmeasurable consequences from disease. It devastates livestock herd, harm our pets and can damage our health. More than ever, veterinary pathogens and veterinary research is a global matter. Prevention and control of diseases, food safety and availability of veterinary treatments have all become global issues, which need a global approach.

Veterinary research is essential to understanding a wide range of pathological conditions in veterinary species. In addition, many diseases affecting companion animals, livestock, wild animals and birds have an impact on global economics. Veterinary disease research focuses on factors that impact the health of livestock, domestic, and wild animals. It includes the study of disease causing agents, the assessment of disease progression, the evaluation of animal immune responses, and careful monitoring of the cross-over between animal diseases and human health.

Creative Diagnostics is proud to launch its new line of products to advance veterinary disease research. These antibodies will greatly facilitate studies involving animal health, veterinary disease model and diagnostics development, animal welfare and reproduction, food security, public health, and emerging infectious diseases.
All of our antibodies are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are performance guaranteed for the applications listed on the detailed datasheets. Below are links to individual antibody ranges that target the most common veterinary diseases.

Species Target Cat. No. Product Name Species Reactivity Application
Canine Canine Heartworm CABT-BL8716 Anti-Canine Heartworm Pab Canine ELISA, IP, WB
Canine Heartworm DMABP-L04 Magic™ Anti-Canine Heartworm Mab, clone 274 Canine ELISA (Cap)
Canine Heartworm DMABP-L03 Magic™ Anti-Canine Heartworm Mab, clone 273 Canine ELISA (Det)
CAV-1 CABT-BL8931 Anti-CAV-1 Mab Canine Nuet
CAV-2 CABT-BL8932 Anti-CAV-2 Mab Canine Nuet
CCoV CABT-RM019 Anti-CCoV Pab Canine ELISA, IP, WB
CCV CABT-BL8933 Anti-CCV Pab Canine IFA
CDV CABT-BL8935 Anti-CDV Mab, clone 95J3 Canine IF, WB, IHC, ELISA
CDV CABT-RM015 Magic™ Anti-CDV Mab, clone 6-5   ELISA (Cap), PLA
CDV CABT-RM016 Magic™ Anti-CDV Mab, clone 9-2   ELISA (Det), PLA
CPI-2 CABT-BL8937 Anti-CPI-2 Pab Canine IFA
CPI-2 CABT-BL8938 Anti-CPI-2 Mab Canine IFA
CPV CABT-BL8939 Anti-CPV Mab Canine IFA
CPV CABT-RM017 Magic™ Anti-CPV Mab, clone 6H8   ELISA (Cap), WB, ID, HIT
CPV CABT-RM018 Magic™ Anti-CPV Mab, clone 9I8   ELISA (Det), WB, ID, HIT
ICHV CABT-L3212 Anti-ICHV Mab Canine IF, ELISA
RABV DPATB-H81966 Anti-RABV Pab Canine ELISA
N. caninum CABT-BL8950 Anti-N.caninum Pab Canine IHC, IFA
N. caninum gp65 CABT-RM005 Anti-N. caninum gp65 Mab, clone 6C7-36 Canine ELISA, IF, WB, Dot, IHC
Bovine BCV CABT-RM020 Anti-BCoV Mab, clone 6B5 Bovine ELISA, HIT
IBRV CABT-BL8916 Anti-BHV-1/IBR Pab Bovine IFA
IBRV gC-gIII CABT-BL8917 Anti-BHV-1/IBR gC-gIII Mab Bovine ELISA, Neut
IBRV gD-gIV CABT-BL8919 Anti-BHV-1/IBR gD-gIV Mab Bovine ELISA, WB, IFA
IBRV gB-gl CABT-RM002 Anti-BHV1/IBR gB-gl Mab, clone E0F8 Bovine ELISA, Neut, IF
BHV-5 gC CABT-BL8920 Anti-BHV-5 gC Mab Bovine IFA, ELISA, WB, IP
BLV gp51 D-D' CABT-RM001 Anti-BLV gp51 D-D' Mab, clone CMW3 Bovine RIPA, WB, FC, ELISA, IAC
BLV gp51-G CABT-BL8921 Anti-BLV gp51-G Mab Bovine IP, WB, ELISA
BLV p24 CABT-BL8922 Anti-BLV p24 Mab Bovine RIPA, WB, ELISA, IAC
BRSV CABT-BL8923 Anti-BRSV Pab Bovine IFA
BVDV CABT-BL8924 Anti-BVDV Pab Bovine IFA
BVDV1 E2 gp53 CABT-BL8925 Anti-BVDV1 E2 gp53 Mab Bovine IFA, IIP, Neut
BVDV1&2 E2 gp53 CABT-BL8926 Anti-BVDV1&2 E2 gp53 Mab, clone 32K4 Bovine IFA, IIP
BVDV1&2 CABT-BL8928 Anti-BVDV1&2 Mab Bovine IFA, IHC, ELISA
BVDV2 E2 gp53 CABT-BL8929 Anti-BVDV2 E2 gp53 Mab, clone 58K1 Bovine IFA, IIP, WB
PIV-3 CABT-BL8951 Anti-PIV3 p69 Mab, clone 58j3 Bovine Neut, IFA, HI
Prion Protein IHFG CABT-BL8959 Anti-Prion Protein IHFG Mab Bovine, ovine, cervine WB, IHC, ELISA
Prion Protein QYQRES CABT-BL8960 Anti-Prion Protein QYQRES Mab Bovine, ovine, cervine WB, IHC, ELISA, FC
Anaplasma marginale MSP1 CABT-BL8914 Anti-Anaplasma marginale MSP1 Mab Bovine, ovine IP, WB, IF
Anaplasma marginale MSP2 CABT-BL8915 Anti-Anaplasma marginale MSP2 Pab Bovine, ovine IP, IF
Equine EAV CABT-BL8944 Anti-EAV Mab Equine IFA, WB, CBA
EEEV E2 glycoprotein CABT-B1088 Anti-EEEV E2 Glycoprotein Pab Equine ELISA, WB
EHV-1 CABT-BL8945 Anti-EHV-1 Pab Equine IFA
MCFV p36/34 CABT-BL8949 Anti-MCFV p36/34 Mab Bovine, ovine WB
VEEV CABT-B1089 Anti-VEEV Pab Equine ELISA, WB
WEEV E2 glycoprotein CABT-B1090 Anti-WEEV E2 Pab Equine ELISA
Avian IAV H5N1 DMAB8906 Anti-IAV H5N1 Mab Avian ELISA, WB
IAV H7N2 DPAB3957 Anti-IAV H7N2 Hemagglutinin Pab Avian ELISA, WB
IBV DCABY-4536 Magic™ Anti-IBV Mab, Clone N53242 Avian ELISA(Cap), IC
IBV DCABY-4539 Magic™ Anti-IBV Mab, Clone N23323 Avian ELISA(Det), IC
IBDV VP2 DCAB-TJ071 Magic™ Anti-IBDV VP2 Mab, Clone C937N Avian EIA, ELISA(Cap), WB
IBDV VP2 DCAB-TJ073 Magic™ Anti-IBDV VP2 Mab, Clone C939N Avian EIA, ELISA(Det), WB
IBDV VP3 DCAB-TJ072 Magic™ Anti-IBDV VP3 Mab, Clone C938N Avian EIA, IHC, ELISA(Cap), WB
IBDV VP3 DCAB-TJ075 Magic™ Anti-IBDV VP3 Mab, Clone C942N Avian EIA, IHC, ELISA(Det), WB
MDV DMAB3906 Anti-MDV Mab, Clone C154M Avian ELISA
NDV DCABY-4564 Magic™ Anti-NDV Mab, Clone N29723OX3 Avian ELISA(Det), IA
NDV DCABY-4563 Magic™ Anti-NDV Mab, Clone N29723OX2 Avian ELISA(Cap), IA
Porcine ASFV CABT-RM033 Anti-ASFV p30 Pab   ELISA, WB
CSFV-E2 Structural Glycoprotein CABT-BL8760 Anti-CSFV Structural Glycoprotein Mab Porcine ELISA, WB
CSFV CABT-RM036 Magic™ Anti-CSFV Mab, clone IN985   LFIA (Cap)
CSFV CABT-RM037 Magic™ Anti-CSFV Mab, clone IN986   LFIA (Det)
PCV-2 CABT-L3210 Anti-PCV-2 Mab Porcine IF, ELISA
PEDV CABT-BL8956 Anti-PEDV Mab Porcine IFA
PCV1&2 CABT-BL8955 Anti-PCV Type 1 & 2 Pab Porcine IFA
PPV CABT-BL8957 Anti-PPV Pab Porcine IFA
PPV CABT-BL8958 Anti-PPV Mab Porcine Neut, IFA, HI, RIA, IHC
PRV gIII CABT-BL8961 Anti-PRV gIII Mab Bovine, Camelid, Canine, Caprine, Cervine, Equine, Feline, Murine, Ovine, Porcine IP, IF
PRV gp50 CABT-BL8962 Anti-PRV gp50 Mab Bovine, Camelid, Canine, Caprine, Cervine, Equine, Feline, Murine, Ovine, Porcine IP, IF
TGEV CABT-RM022 Anti-TGEV Mab, clone 2F22 Porcine EIA, HIT
Caprine CAEV CABT-BL8940 Anti-CAEV 28 kDa capsid protein Mab, clone 37D2 Caprine, ovine IP, IF
Feline FIV p24 CABT-RM023 Magic™ Anti-FIV p24 Mab, clone IN891 Feline ELISA (Cap), WB, IF, IHC
FIV p24 CABT-RM024 Magic™ Anti-FIV p24 Mab, clone IN892 Feline ELISA (Det), WB, IF, IHC
FCV CABT-RM025 Magic™ Anti-FCV Mab, clone IN966 Feline ELISA (Cap), LF
FCV CABT-RM026 Magic™ Anti-FCV Mab, clone IN965 Feline ELISA (Det), LF
FCoV CABT-RM027 Magic™ Anti-FCoV Mab, clone IN604 Feline ELISA (Cap), WB, IF, IHC
FCoV CABT-RM028 Magic™ Anti-FCoV Mab, clone IN603 Feline ELISA (Det), WB, IF, IHC
FeLV P27 CABT-BL8814 Anti-FeLV Mab Feline ELISA, IP, WB
FHV CABT-RM029 Anti-FHV-1 Mab, clone IN650 Feline ELISA, WB, IF, IHC
FPV CABT-RM030 Magic™ Anti-FPV Mab, clone IN964 Feline ELISA (Cap), LF
FPV CABT-RM031 Magic™ Anti-FPV Mab, clone IN963 Feline ELISA (Det), LF
Murine MHV68 ORF59 CABT-RM032 Anti-MHV68 ORF59 Mab Murine ELISA, WB


  • Specific disease antibody ranges
  • Minimizes lot-to-lot variation
  • Offer conjugation service for use in a wide range of applications

With ongoing research and development, we will be expanding our veterinary product offering in the future in order to better serve the needs of the veterinary diagnostics field.

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