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Anti-PEG Antibodies

PEG (polyethylene glycol) is a nontoxic, water-soluble, biocompatible polymer that has been approved by the FDA for human intravenous, oral and dermal applications. Attachment of PEG to proteins, peptides, liposomes, drugs, and nanoparticles can improve the pharmacokinetic properties and diminish the potential for immunogenicity. Even though PEG is generally considered safe in animals and humans, the slow clearance of large PEGs is still a great concern due to the potential adverse effects resulting from PEG accumulation in tissues following chronic administration.

To allow sensitive measurement of PEGylated compounds, Creative Diagnostics have produced a set of specific anti-PEG monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies have been validated to work in various types of immunoassays and can be supplied as high quality research tools to develop sensitive and specific assays.

Anti-PEG Antibodies List
Cat# Product Name Description Application
DMABT-Z60095 Rabbit Anti-PEG Mab, IgG, Biotin Detects both linear and branched PEG. IHC-P, ELISA, WB
DMABT-Z60369 Rabbit Anti-PEG Mab, IgM Binds to the PEG backbone. WB, ELISA
DMABT-Z60567 Rat Anti-PEG Mab, IgM Displays high affinity to both short and long PEG molecules. WB, ELISA
CABT-L3139 Biotinylated DMABT-Z60567
CABT-L3126 Mouse Anti-PEG Mab, IgG1 Detects repeating subunits present in PEG. ELSIA, WB, IHC, FC
CABT-L3127 Mouse Anti-PEG Mab, IgG1 Binds to the PEG backbone. Detects PEGylated compounds. ELSIA, WB, IHC
CABT-L3133 Biotinylated CABT-L3127
CABT-L3128 Mouse Anti-PEG Mab, IgG1 Detects backbone of PEG molecule. Detects PEGylated compounds. ELISA, WB, FC
CABT-L3134 Biotinylated CABT-L3128
CABT-L3129 Mouse Anti-mPEG Mab, IgG2b Detects the terminal methoxy group of PEG. Suitable for detection of PEGylated liposomes and nanoparticles. ELISA, WB, FC
CABT-L3136 Biotinylated CABT-L3129
CABT-L3130 Rat Anti-PEG Mab, IgG2a Detects PEGylated compounds. Higher affinity, Wider binding range than CABT-L3128. ELISA
CABT-L3135 Biotinylated CABT-L3130
CABT-L3131 Mouse Anti-PEG Mab, IgM Binds to the PEG backbone, detects PEGylated compounds. ELSIA, WB, IHC, FC
CABT-L3137 Biotinylated CABT-L3131
CABT-L3132 Mouse Anti-PEG Mab, IgM Recognizes PEG backbone. Binds to PEGylated nanoparticles or long-chain PEGylated molecules. WB, ELISA, IHC, FC
CABT-L3138 Biotinylated CABT-L3132
Human Anti-PEG Standards
CABT-L3140 Chimeric Human Anti-PEG Mab, IgG1 Fusion protein of mouse CABT-L3127 VH and VL with human IgG1.
CABT-L3141 Chimeric Human Anti-PEG Mab, IgM Fusion protein of mouse CABT-L3132 VH and VL with human IgM.
CABT-L3142 Humanized Anti-PEG Mab, IgG1 Recombinant antibody composed of humanized CABT-L3128 VH and VL with human IgG1 constant regions.
Combination Packages
CABT-L3143 Chimeric Anti-PEG Mab (Set) This set contains 4 chimeric antibodies composed of the CABT-L3127 variable region genes fused to different human IgG constant domains (IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, and IgG4).
CABT-L3144 Chimeric Anti-PEG Mab (Set) CABT-L3143; CABT-L3141.
IgG Package 1 Includes 100 µg of each clone CABT-L3126; CABT-L3127; CABT-L3128; CABT-L3130; CABT-L3129.
IgM Package 1 Includes 100 µg of each clone CABT-L3131; CABT-L3132; DMABT-Z60567.
IgG Package 2 Includes 100 µg of each clone CABT-L3133; CABT-L3134; CABT-L3135; CABT-L3136.
IgM Package 2 Includes 100 µg of each clone CABT-L3137; CABT-L3138; CABT-L3139.


  • Recognize PEG Conjugates and Free Form PEG.
  • Serve as Positive Controls for Drug Detection Assays.
  • Recommended antibody pair for sandwich ELISA (Capture-Detection):
    • CABT-L3132 - CABT-L3133;
    • DMABT-Z60567 - CABT-L3134

With team of antibody experts working in a state-of-the-art laboratory, Creative Diagnostics is proud to announce that a new set of PEG antibodies and standards are now commercially available. The launched products are for research purposes only, not for use in diagnostics.

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