Low Endotoxin, Azide Free Antibodies

Endotoxin is a kind of lipopolysaccharide that comes from the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria, which is released after the lysis of the bacteria. Endotoxin can elicit strong immune responses in animals and can significantly impact both in vitro and in vivo experiments, causing non-specific cellular responses and false readings in cell-based assays. Thus, it is important to limit the amount of endotoxin contaminants in injectable protein and antibody products.

Antibodies with depletion, activation, neutralization, or blocking activities are powerful tools for mimicking or blocking physiological functions. Functional grade antibodies are available free of preservatives and are tested for endotoxin content and may be used in functional assays both in vitro and in vivo. Creative Diagnostics are committed to providing antibodies for both in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical animal studies with the highest quality at reasonable prices and our portfolio of low endotoxin/azide free antibodies features the best-researched antibodies on the market.

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Products Feature

  • Exceptional Purity: > 95% pure via SDS-PAGE
  • Azide-free and Carrier-free
  • Low Endotoxin Levels: Products are at or below 2 EU/mg and some specific products are at or below 1 EU/mg. If custom endotoxin levels are required (0.01-0.05 EU/mg), please simply contact our technical support for details.
  • Pathogen Free: Each lot of the product is screened for an exhaustive panel of murine pathogens.
  • Quality tests: Quality tested in a range of applications, including functional activity assays, and may be used for FC, WB, IF, or IHC.
  • Matching Isotype Control Antibodies: Low Endotoxin/Azide Free Isotype controls provide an estimate of non-specific binding of an antibody that may occur during an assay.
  • Dilution buffers: Creative Diagnostics supplies related low endotoxin dilution buffers to pair with our reagents.

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