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Chemical formula for Zearalenone, C18H22O5
Chemical formula for Zearalenone, C18H22O5
Molecular Weight: 318.37 g/mol

Zearalenone (ZEN) is a nonsteroidal estrogenic mycotoxin primarily produced by Fusarium fungi, which also commonly produces deoxynivalenol. Hence, there is evidence that if zearalenone is detected, there is a high probability that other fusarial mycotoxins may be present.

Zearalenone is heat-stable and is found worldwide in a number of cereal crops, such as maize, barley, oats, wheat, rice, and sorghum. When zearalenone-contaminated feed or grain is eaten by livestock, it can cause a wide variety of reproductive problems. In swine, it causes vulvovaginitis, low birth weights, fetal reabsorption, aborted pregnancies, reduced litter sizes, abnormal estrus and feminization of immature males. The involvement of zearalenone in human toxicoses has not been confirmed, but it is classified as an endocrine disrupter and is considered potentially hazardous for humans. There are no advisory levels currently available. The FDA recommends only that the level of concern for zearalenone be observed.

We offer different kits for the analysis of zearalenone as well as antibodies, conjugates and standards.

A list of currently available CD Zearalenone products can be downloaded here.


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HMABPY013 RHA™ anti-Zearalenone monoclonal antibody, clone ZEN Antibody Inquiry
DAG1333 Zearalanone(7) [HRP] Conjugate Inquiry
DAGZEN013 Zearalenone [BSA] Conjugate Inquiry
DAGA-013K Zearalenone [KLH] Conjugate Inquiry
DAGA-H013O Zearalenon [OVA] Conjugate Inquiry
DAGA-H013F Zearalenone [FITC] Conjugate Inquiry
CDM040413 Zearalenon Immunoaffinity Column Immunoaffinity Column Inquiry
DTS435 Zearalenone Test Rapid Test Kit Inquiry
DISNJ012P Zearalenone Standard (97%) Standard Inquiry
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