ELISA Matched Antibody Pair

About Matched Antibody Pair

Matched antibody pairs refer to sets of antibodies which are known to be capable of detecting different epitopes on the same protein antigen, so they can be used together for the capture and detection of a single antigen in a sandwich ELISA or related immunoassay.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, Creative Diagnostics provides the most suitable matched pairs for your immunoassay. Meanwhile, you can also purchase the antibodies separately. Of note, if you do not find a suitable antibody pairs, we can also offer custom ELISA matched Pair Development service specially for you!

Our matched pairs are distinctive as they are:
• Ideal for antibody sandwich ELISA or related immunoassay
• Consist of two monoclonals, two polyclonals, or a combination of both
• Antibodies can be ordered in bulk quantity

Matched antibody pair
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