Chemiluminescent ELISA Analyzer

Creative Diagnostics offers CLIA instruments providing quantitative results for immunological or biochemical parameters. The analyzer has been evaluated with our system to ensure optimal performance of our assays: sensitivity, low background noise and reproducibility.

General Specifications:

Dimensions (cm): 54 W x 43 D x 30 H
Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)
Detector: Low-noise photomultiplier tube with simultaneous photon counting and analog mode
Plate format: Standard 96 microplates
Cross-talk (96-well): <5×10-5
Spectral range: 380-630 nm
Background count rate: <100s-1(23°C±2°C)
Max count rate: 20Ms-1
Reproducibility: CV<3%
Computer interface:RS232 standard

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