CDSimple™ Chemiluminescent ELISA Kits

Giving you specific and sensitive results in less than 90 minutes.

  • Broad dynamic range reduces the need for multiple sample dilutions
  • Complete ready to use kits
  • Comparable or better sensitivity than competitor assays
  • Single-wash protocol reduces assay time to 80 minutes or less
  • Exhaustively tested for superior quality and reproducibility
  • Chemiluminescent detection

What is CDSimple™ Chemiluminescent ELISA?

CDSimple™ Chemiluminescent ELISA kits use a chemiluminescent substrate for detecting key biomarkers in life science research and requires a luminometer for output reading. These kits save time and money with highly sensitive and accurate broad range assays in comparison to standard colorimetric immunoassays.

How does CDSimple™ Chemiluminescent ELISA work?

The assay employs enzymatic chemiluminescence sandwich immunoassay technique. The immobilization takes place during the assay at the surface of a magnetic beads or plates through the interaction of streptavidin coated on the well and exogenously added biotinylated monoclonal antibody.

Upon mixing monoclonal biotinylated antibody, the enzyme labelled antibody and a serum containing the native antigen, a reaction results between the native antigen and the antibodies, without competition or steric hindrance, to form a soluble sandwich complex. Simultaneously, the complex is deposited to the streptavidin plates or magnetic beads through the high affinity reaction of streptavidin and biotinylated antibody. This interaction is illustrated below:

After incubation, unbound substances are removed during a wash step, and chemiluminescence substrate is added to each well. The microplate is analyzed on an appropriate plate reader. The resulting relative light units (RLUs) are directly proportional to the amount of IFN-γ present in the sample.

Standard ELISA

CDSimple™ Chemiluminescent ELISA

Our ELISAs perform as expected every time because of our extensive assay development expertise.

Legendary Reproducibility
Our master calibrated CDSimple™ chemiluminescent ELISA kits ensure that our kits perform consistently over time. Results obtained today are comparable to results obtained last month or even last year.

Confidence with Controls
Our Assays have controls with assigned ranges, guaranteeing performance. Every CDSimple™ chemiluminescent ELISA kit is validated using multiple biological samples for assay specificity.

Economical Alternatives
Our CDSimple™ Chemiluminescent ELISA Development Systems offer an economical alternative to buying separate antibodies and proteins.

Custom CDSimple™ Chemiluminescent ELISA Kits
CDSimple™ Chemiluminescent ELISA platform offers a seamless process through which we will develop high-quality assays for your application. Depending on your need, assays may be developed for basic research purposes or designed to include additional qualification and validation.
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Chemiluminescent ELISA Analyzer
Creative Diagnostics offers CLIA instruments providing quantitative results for immunological or biochemical parameters. The analyzer has been evaluated with our system to ensure optimal performance of our assays: sensitivity, low background noise and reproducibility.
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