Creative diagnostics offers a wide range of high quality antibodies validated for use in multiplexed assays. We have primary antibodies to multiple forms of virtually every protein in the proteome including cytokines, adhesion molecules, proteases, neurotrophic factors, stem cell factors, signal transduction molecules, and developmental proteins. Secondary antibodies are available targeting all common research species and are conjugated with multiple types of enzymes and fluorescence. We also provide control antibodies to make sure the researchers generating data with confidence.

Featured Antibody Categories

Custom Antibodies

Our custom antibody services include many competitively priced packages and specialized purification options for antibody production.

Antibody Purification

We offer robust proprietary purification procedures for antibodies from serum, ascites fluid, yolks and culture supernatants for use in early discovery research, preclinical trials and in vitro diagnostic reagents.

Antibody Labeling

Our conjugation service is performed in-house by our expert conjugation scientists, providing you with your required conjugate at your agreed conjugation ratio and scale.

Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Development

Beads based chemiluminescent immunoassays give you specific and sensitive results in just 70 minutes, without compromising on performance.

Lateral Flow Immunoassay Development

Our scientists will follow rigorous guidelines for quality control with a focus on thorough optimization and validation of every aspect of Colloidal Gold Lateral Flow Strips Development.

ELISA Kit Development

We offer a wide range of ELISAs that use antibody pairs for the accurate quantitation of intracellular or extracellular proteins and provides contract ELISA development kit services.


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