Sheep Monoclonal Antibody Production

Creative Diagnostics has accumulated considerable experience and expertise in the custom manufacture of high quality sheep monoclonal antibodies using our unique hybridoma technology.

Our sheep monoclonal antibody production service is based on the similar method to produce mouse monoclonal antibodies. The distinctive and key difference is that a sheep fusion helper is used to immortalize sheep B cells. The fusion helper is developed to establish our special hybridoma technology that can generate stable and productive cell lines.

Sheep Monoclonal Antibody Production - Creative Diagnostics

Advantages of Sheep Monoclonal Antibodies:

  • Higher Specificity: As the antibody only binds to one specific region, it is possible to produce a highly specific antibody for the required target.
  • Broader range of epitope recognition.
  • Higher Affinity: Sheep monoclonal antibodies with extremely high affinity can be useful in assays for analytes at very low concentrations around10-10 to 10-14 molar.
  • Eliminated cross reactivity.

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