HAV VP3 [GST] (DAG540)

HAV VP3 [GST], recombinant protein from E. coli

Product Overview
Recombinant Hepatitis A Virus antigen (38.6 kDa), contains VP3 immunodominant region and a GST fusion partner, was expressed in Ecoli, and puried in vitro using Metal affinity chromatography techniques.
Molecular Weight
38.6 kDa
> 90% pure (10% PAGE coomassie staining). Inclusion Bodies
Purified, Liquid
1 mg/ml
10mM Carbonate-bicarbonate buffer, pH 9.6, 0.1% SDS containing 50% glycerol
2-8°C short term, -20°C long term
Hepatitis A virus (HAV) is the sole member of the Hepatovirus genus within the family Picornaviridae. The capsid of HAV encloses a single-stranded RNA genome of about 7.5 kb which is translated into a single polyprotein. The virion proteins VP1 to VP4 and the nonstructural proteins are generated from the polyprotein by a cascade of proteolytic cleavages. Only one protease, viral protease 3C, has been implicated in the nine protein scissions. Processing of the capsid protein precursor region generates a unique intermediate, PX (VP1-2A), which accumulates in infected cells and is assumed to serve as precursor to VP1 found in virions, although the details of this reaction have not been determined. Capsid proteins VP1, VP2, and VP3 form a closed capsid enclosing the viral positive strand RNA genome. VP1 is a major viral antigen.
HAV; HAV VP1-P2A; Hepatitis A Virus VP1-P2A; Picornaviridae; Hepatovirus


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