C. difficile Toxin B, TcdB [His] (DAG2633)

C. difficile Toxin B, TcdB (aa 1 - 543) [His], recombinant protein from E. coli

Product Overview
Recombinant C. difficile Toxin B/TcdB antigen, was expressed in E. coli. Met1-Leu543. with a C-terminal 6-His tag (Accession # P18177)
2-8°C short term, -20°C long term
Pathogenic C. difficile strains produce several known toxins. The most well-characterized are enterotoxin (toxin A) and cytotoxin (toxin B), both of which are responsible for the diarrhea and inflammation seen in infected patients, although their relative contributions have been debated. Toxins A and B are glucosyltransferases that target and inactivate the Rho family of GTPases. Toxin B (cytotoxin) induces actin depolymerization by a mechanism correlated with a decrease in the ADP-ribosylation of the low molecular mass GTP-binding Rho proteins.
Antigen Description
Clostridium difficile is the leading cause of hospital-acquired diarrhea, known as C. difficile-associated disease. The estimated number of cases of C. difficile-associateddisease exceeds 250,000 per year, with health care costs approaching US $1 billion annually. The major virulence factors produced by C. difficile are two toxins, TcdA and TcdB. Both toxins can monoglucosylate and inactivate Rho family small GTPases within target cells, leading to disruption of vital signaling pathways in the cell, subsequently causing diarrhea, inflammation, and damage of colonic mucosa. Both toxins have a similar tripartite structure comprised of an N-terminal glucosyltransferase domain, a C-terminal receptor binding domain, and a small hydrophobic span possibly involved in toxin translocation.
C. difficile Toxin B; Clostridium difficile Toxin B; Cytotoxin B; tcdB; toxB; Toxin B; C. difficile TcdB protein; Clostridium difficile Toxin B protein; Toxin B protein; C. difficile Toxin B/TcdB; Toxin B/TcdB


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