RapidGet™ ELISA Mouse Antibody Isotyping Kit

Product Name
RapidGetTM ELISA Mouse Antibody Isotyping Kit
Catalog No.
60 Tests (8 wells per test sample)
Intended Use
Quickly determine mouse monoclonal antibody class and subclass (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3, IgA, IgM, K, λ)
Kit Contents
Pre-coated 96-well Isotyping Plates, 5 plates 
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG+IgA+IgM-HRP Conjugate, 30mL 
TMB Substrate, 55mL 
Stop Solution, 55mL 
30X Wash Buffer, 200mL 
TBS Buffer Packs (each makes 500mL), 2 packs 

Creative Diagnostics RapidGetTM ELISA Mouse mAb Isotyping Kit provides antigen-independent determination of mouse monoclonal antibody isotype using a microplate method that enables multiple samples to be tested in about one hour.

This fast assay uses ELISA strip-plates that are pre-coated in different wells with anti-mouse heavy-chain capture antibodies (anti-IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3, IgA and IgM) or anti-mouse light-chain capture antibody (kappa or lambda). This approach eliminates the need to purify and immobilize an antigen to determine immunoglobulin isotype (antibody subclass and light chain identity). A mouse monoclonal antibody sample applied to the wells can be isotyped within one hour. Results are evaluated qualitatively by visual inspection or quantitatively by measuring the absorbance at 450nm.


  1. Fast – determine antibody isotype in approx. 1 hour; considerably faster than traditional ELISA kits
  2. Convenient – eight-well strip format allows partial use of the plate; use one strip (column) for each sample (12 samples per plate)
  3. Specific – characterize antibodies for six different subclasses and two different light-chain types
  4. Sensitive – accurate characterization with samples containing at least 3ng/mL of test antibody
  5. Flexible – kit is compatible with hybridoma cell culture supernatant, ascites fluid or purified antibodies
  6. Cost effective – cost per assay is less than with single-use assay strips or cassettes
  7. No special equipment needed – assess results visually or measure quantitatively using an ordinary ELISA plate reader (450nm)
  8. Complete and easy to use – includes precoated plates, detecting antibody, buffers, and TMB substrate and stop solutions
Product Details

 Protocol summary for antigen-independent isotype determination with Pierce Rapid ELISA Antibody Isotyping Kits

Protocol summary for the Creative Diagnostics RapidGetTMELISA Mouse mAb Isotyping Kit. The simple ELISA procedure involves only one probing-incubation step. Sample and detection antibody are added together to the wells of the precoated microplate. (Each well in an eight-well strip is coated with a different type-specific capture antibody.) After 30 to 60 minutes, TMB substrate is added to reveal the antibody isotype based on which wells in the strip produce color.

 Pierce Rapid ELISA Antibody Isotyping Kits determine IgG heavy- and light-chain types.

Pre-coated strip-well plates for the RapidGetTM Rapid ELISA Isotyping Kit clearly identify monoclonal antibodies. Wells A-H of each eight-well strip (microplate column) are pre-coated with eight different class- or subclass-specific capture antibodies. A sample is tested by adding 50µL of sample to all eight wells of a strip. For partial-plate assays with less than 12 samples, individual 8-well strips can be removed from the microplate frame for later use. In this example, the results indicate that the antibody tested in strip #1 is a mouse IgG1 with kappa light chains.

Upon receipt store at 4°C. The kit should not be used after the expiration date.
For in vitro research use only. Not intended for any diagnostic or therapeutic purpose. Not suitable for human or animal consumption.

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